Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Legalism In The Church

Have you noticed how modern churches (here I should probably say churchians:) avoid preaching certain doctrines, like Titus2, but compensate inventing all sorts of rules not found anywhere in the Scriptures?

Some examples: it's not OK to put your child in daycare for a Christian woman. But to leave him with a nanny is fine. Married Christian women shouldn't have careers. However, it's perfectly normal for her to work to pay a huge mortgage so they don't have to live among those sinners in a poorer neighbourhood.

Women shouldn't wear men's clothes like pants. Wearing a long t-shirt with a belt and a pair of leggings underneath qualifies as a dress, though. Women should dress modestly which means only dark colours. A black miniskirt is modest while a long dress with a cheerful pattern is obviously sinful.

We aren't going to preach against easy divorce. This would hurt the feelings of divorced people. Never mind that according to the Scriptures, God hates divorce. We''ll try to guilt-trip people into eating less meat instead, because it's bad for the environment and also, maybe progressives will like us more.

We should give a lot of money to the Third World. It's very spiritual. We shouldn't help our married children or family if they need it, let their wives work instead. God will understand. Well, I could go on and on, but I guess you get the picture. If you have any other examples of modern church hypocrisy, feel free to post it in the comments section!


  1. Well, I think this phenomenon can be found everywhere, not only in Christianity, but in Judaism and Islam, too, and actually anywhere where there is any kind of set of rules. People always find ways around inconvenient things and usually they justify their behavior with more or less brilliant explanations.

  2. If they just preached the Gospel, it would be fine! They could avoid "hot topics" if they wished to. Yet, some are trying to turn the churches in social justice clubs...

  3. I have found that I don't actually hear much preaching about sin or hell either. Yes they split hairs on many issues. Many though do not even mention if women should work or take care of their own children and such, they stay completely away from subjects that would make the congregation uncomfortable. Yes if we would all study the Bible and not skip parts we don't feel comfortable reading about we would all be better off. I am preaching to myself too. Sarah

  4. Sarah, always nice hearing from you:)I have discovered one thing, for some Christians a Christian state means a welfare state. They are lefties more than they are Christians, unfortunately...