Thursday, March 12, 2015

An Introduction

Some new members of our household:

Since we still have to wait several weeks for our new kitten, my husband went and bought me some guinea pigs. He says there is a girl who made a lot of money by posting YouTube videos about the life of guinea pigs, so may be by posting these pics I'll find a new source of income:)

Here are close-ups. This is Vigga:

She has red eyes and is very naughty.

This is Freya, there in the corner:

She didn't like being photographed. She also bites and damages wallpaper, as you can see. All my friends like them, they are really funny if somewhat (or even a lot) stupid. Guinea pigs are easy to take care of and don't cost much. Children usually like them too, though I never noticed they return the affection:)

Can be ideal pets for a busy family. Don't you  all think mine are like super cute?:)))


  1. Sharing your joy. They are warm fuzzies. There's nothing like loving little animals to brighten our lives!

  2. Yeah, exactly! And unlike rats, they aren't smelly, plus you can let them out of the cage and they will come back. Someone in the family has a hamster, but he's always trying to escape.

  3. Housewife from FinlandMarch 13, 2015 at 7:13 AM

    Very pretty, especially Vigga's gingerish colour. And if you run out of food you can eat them. Guinea pigs are delicacy in Peru. :)

    Wont the cat try to kill them, when you get one?

  4. Thanks, I like Vigga, too, but I must be really desperate for food before I'd fancy eating one of them. Now if those were rabbits:)

    We used to have guinea pigs years ago, when our cat was young. He tried going after them but I succeeded in teaching him to leave the piggies alone. I heard that dogs, especially terriers, cause much more problems in this regard.