Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clash Of The Titans, 1981

It's time for another movie review. This post will be about the original version of this movie, from 1981. There also exists a 2010 remake which I haven't watched, so I can't say anything about it, good or bad.

Clash Of The Titans is a fantasy story, loosely based on Greek myths,which depicts the adventures of Perseus, Zeus' illegitimate son, and his quest to save his fiancee Andromeda and to rid her kingdom of the horrible sea monster Kraken, the last of Titans.

Andromeda had been once betrothed to Prince Calibos, who was turned into an ugly satyr by Zeus, the chief of the Olympian gods, for his cruelty. By way of revenge, he puts a curse on her, which prevents her from marrying any man except the one who can give a correct answer to a riddle which changes every day. If the suitor fails, he is burned at the stake. Perseus fights with Calibos, cuts off his hand, learns the answer to the riddle and saves Andromeda from the curse. Unfortunately, in doing so, he also angers the sea goddess Thetis, the mother of Calibos.

During the wedding ceremony, Andromeda's foolish mother boasts that her daughter is more beautiful than Thetis herself, thus giving the goddess the perfect reason to ask Zeus for retaliation. Andromeda must be sacrificed to Kraken, unless Perseus will find the way to save her (which he does).

The movie was rated PG, and outside of brief nudity has virtually no offensive material of any kind. Unlike similar fantasy stories like Conan The Barbarian and Red Sonja it features no female warriors (if we don't count the monstrous Medusa, that is) and is developing along pretty conventional fairy tale line. The knight in shining armour (with a shining shield really) rescues the damsel in distress (who is pure and virginal and very beautiful) and marries her. He has to fight hideous monsters (some of whom female) and to prove his manhood before he gets his kingdom. They beget sons and daughters and live happily ever after.

I can safely recommend Clash Of The Titans to anyone interested. Here  is the link to the original trailer. 

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