Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent, so there were four candles burning on my coffee table:

We lit them after we came back home from church. Since the weather outside has been  frightful the whole of the last week, with a lot of wind and darkness, we felt like we were in need of a little cheer so we opened the bottle of chocolate liqueur which my husband got as a present for his birthday:

It tasted delicious. The cat found a place of his own, too. He decided the tree didn't look properly decorated without him:

I do think he makes the scene rather cosy, don't you agree?

This year I got some darling tree ornaments as a Christmas present from a friend:

Here is one more:

They add to the festive atmosphere:

The angels I made myself. OK, with the help of  the dear husband, who had to cut them out of wood with a saw (Tante is not good with the carpenter's tools:):

I do tend to light a lot of candles, those I got from my mother-in-law:

It's getting rather late over here and tomorrow will be a very busy day, as there is still a lot to do at Casa di Tante, so that I'd better quit writing. Tomorrow I probably won't be able to post, so I want to wish those of my readers who are Catholic a blessed Holy Evening.

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