Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Knusper, Knusper, Knauschen...Wir backen uns ein Hauschen!

I hope my readers will forgive me the mistakes in the title of this post, as I don't have umlaut signs on my computer. Oh, I know they sit somewhere buried in the keyboard, but I have neither time nor inclination to search for them right now. You see, Tante was very busy the whole day - I baked and assembled the Gingerbread House.

Isn't it just perfect? I find it very cute. Unfortunately it was much more work than the article in the magazine stated it would be, of which I had been dimly aware before I started, but I was determined to finish it all today. Dear husband came home from work and got really excited about my little project, so that he helped me with assembling and decorating it.

I think that he did great job with coloured icing, don't you agree? The idea comes from Bild der Frau, a special Christmas edition. I slightly changed the recipe, using both butter and margarine instead of butter only, because I didn't have enough. They also don't sell Lebkuchen spices over here, so I bought cake spices. I also miss the Witch, and the black cat, as featured in the magazine. Well, may be some elfs will come and live in it:)