Friday, December 14, 2012

Scandinavian Style

I must admit I like the Scandinavian style in interior decorating very much. It's always inspiring for a housewife to watch other people's homes, and learn new ideas about how to make your own house cosier. There is a lady in Norway who blogs about her country life whom I find a great inspiration. She is so talented and creative and always encourages me to go a extra mile. Even though this year I'm really late with my Christmas decorations.

Some time ago I discovered a website dedicated to the works of a Swedish painter Carl Larsson and I simply fell in love with them. He was famous for painting the simple scenes of domestic life, his wife and children. He and his wife are credited for creating the modern cottage style and in being an inspiration for the modern Swedish decorating style as featured in IKEA. I wish I could buy a book of his works, but this lacking, at least I can enjoy them on the net.

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