Sunday, December 9, 2012

The 2nd Sunday of Advent

December is known as the darkest month of the year. Yet it's also the month when we celebrate Christmas, which means there is a lot of work for the homemaker. She has to write and send Christmas cards, to choose presents, to decorate the house, to plan the Christmas dinner menues, to invite guests etc etc. It can be quite trying for one's nerves. and the weather makes it easy to get depressed. I found that one of the ways to fight the winter depression is to light a lot of candles. Today is the 2nd Sunday of Advent, which means that there are two candles burning on my Advent candelabrum.  

Recently we bought a decorative open fireplace, which burns on lamp oil, you can see it behind the salon table. It's great for creating a cosy atmosphere in the house, especially on long and dreary winter evenings, when the wind is howling outside (like now). The bulbs were the present from my husband for the St. Nicholas's Day.


  1. Interesting strategy; I hadn't ever heard of anyone lighting Advent candles at home, before now!

  2. Lots of people do it over here, it's our tradition. Today is the third Sunday of Advent, so there were 3 candles burning.