Monday, June 12, 2023

Your Comments And Other Things

 Please keep in mind when commenting on this blog that the moderation is turned on for every post older than 12 days, and that I often FORGET to check the moderation file. That's why your comments on older posts don't always appear on time, and I mean sometimes it can last like a year before I check it. It has nothing personally to do with you or the contents of your comment. In fact, today I checked my SPAM files and discovered that even my own comments, some as far as 2013 were somehow caught by spam filter. Now I'm not sure if they were doubles or something but have no desire to check because

it's 31*C outside and close to 30 in my bedroom where my computer stands. So it will be all for today:) I can promise to check these files more often, but whether it happens is a different matter entirely:)

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