Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Alphas And Sl8ts

 "Real alphas don't care about their wives' s8xual history" is quite a novel take from VD

There are 2 things which come to mind. From a purely pragmatical point of view, most men and women nowadays, outside of strict religious communities, will marry someone with a s8xual history, it's just a fact of life. 

On the other hand, the idea that "the real Alpha male", (such as presumably D. Trump) wouldn't/shouldn't care even if he marries a total wh8re is, frankly, ridiculous and could only appear in our deprived society where "hotness" is the highest value and virtue is despised. 

It also says something about the character of the person who espouses this point of view. Notice the mockery of "trad" girls and the idea that men who don't want to marry promiscuous women are insecure. 



  1. I normally agree with VD on a lot of subjects, but this one is ridiculously off base. While I can recognize logically that finding a virgin today is almost impossible, even the thought of marrying a girl who has known another man is nauseating. She is supposed to be you wife, and the idea of not only having to share that most intimate act with another man, but that she gave some other man her virginity. Just no, I can't, even the thought of it is revolting. This is not about alpha or whatever viewpoint of humanity you want. This is a massive dishonor for every man in every culture.

    The fact the world has gotten to the point where society says its ok to sleep with the world, should tell you how bad its gotten. I watch several shows on youtube where they interview women of various ages and professions, and to be fair they are in large metropolitan areas that are heavily left, but the results are telling. The women interviewed have no shame, they quite literally don't understand how them sleeping around is an issue. When asked, they think they are 10s, deserve men who make $500,000 (no joke), and that men shouldn't have an issue marrying them despite the lowest body count being in the upper 20s.

    Quite frankly every month I ask myself, whats the point. Why bother getting a well paying job if there are no women worth marrying. Why bother working out if there is no reward at the end of the day. Seriously as a guy, I am fairly happy with a moderate income, I don't have any need for fancy stuff, and a high income doesn't really do anything but cause more stress. Working out, why should I care for my health if I have no one to share my life with. It's a bit of a dark viewpoint, but that is the unfortunate view of a lot of men in their 20s and 30s. There has to be something that is worth it for men for us to actually be bothered to do more than be on autopilot, and right now there simply isnt. - W

  2. Western society has lost the concept of honour some time ago. I've read arguments that it was caused by industrialisation, artificial birth control etc but I disagree. We have an example of Turkey which is a modern industrialised country which still lives according to the ancient honour code.

    So it means that here in the West the change was not organic, but by design.

    I agree that many modern women are horribly entitled, and in general, lousy human beings, whom no sane man should ever marry. On the other hand, I've seen enough men who are total losers so that any traditionally minded woman will have problems finding a decent husband.

    Attention whoring is at all times high. It's a mess for any decent person. But as someone said, never lose hope and never lose faith. And working out and taking a good care of your heath is always a good idea, at any age. Think of that Indian guy who married in his 90s and fathered 2 sons. Dum spiro spero.

  3. From what I have witnessed in reality, men (those who can) routinely choose hotness over virtue. VD isn't really wrong on this point, no matter how loudly the red pill sphere screeches otherwise. In a world not turned upside down and thoroughly propagandized by the sexual revolution, the anonymous commenter up there would be the norm. But he is not.

    I have lost count of the number of men -especially younger ones- my husband has heard from over the years lamenting that their wife is a chore, a pain, contentious, no longer willing to have sex, etc. "Why did you marry her?" She was hot, we had great sex, she was nice to me, etc.

  4. The problem I see with his post is not that he states the objective fact that many men don't care for their wife's past as long as she is hot, but rather the way he dismisses that guy's concerns as "insecurity". A man is entitled to his own standards, that has nothing to do with being alpha or whatever.

  5. Vox admits was quite promiscuous himself from age 16 until until he became a Christian at around age 25. While God may have forgiven him for these sins, he can't erase the damage his actions have had on his worldview. He also married a gold digger ("I dated an NBA player") so you should take much of what he says about male-female relations with a large grain of salt.

    Most of these Alphas/Sigmas/PUAs ended up marrying women just as damaged as they are. Men would do well to take this into account when reading their articles on women and marriage.

    1. It is obvious, that God protects virtuous women and wont give them to these repented ex-PUAs. He forgives, but he does not forget... It is funny, how i.e. Roosh V himself quite obivously believed that after repenting, he would get pretty and thin lil' virgin to mother his kids. Then he wrote, he will have to settle with a repentant woman like himself. And now he has realized that God is not going to give him a woman, and he apparently heads for monastic living.

      These formerly promiscuous men should understand, that no matter how much they repent, no matter how much God forgives (and He does, we all know that) it wont un-do their deeds. It wont remove their personal history, they will have to live with it forever. And it WILL make them unworthy for any decent woman.

      Bit like pedophiles: you wont let them work in kindergarten, no matter how much they repent.

      An when it comes to alphas and other beetas, words like that have nothing to do with christians and how they form their marriages. Christian men are not on that axis; it is totally irrelevant, what sort of women D. Trump likes and gets.

  6. VD has some interesting takes, but can be quite irritating at times, like his obsession with various conspiracy theories and inability to admit he was ever wrong.

  7. Also the original classification was alpha - beta where "beta" basically meant a simp, and then he borrowed it and invented all these gammas, deltas, sigmas and other letters of the Greek alphabet:)