Monday, June 26, 2023

Natural Remedies

 This specially for "magic mushrooms conservatives". 

Well, you know how nowadays we keep reading about all modern Western medicine being some sort of an elaborate conspiracy to keep everyone sick and how natural methods are the best. So some time ago I got a cold. It became better but I was stupid enough to spend like the whole day walking in the rain with wet shoes on so it became worse again and I got a sore throat  which nearly always gives me a fever.

I could take paracetamol but somehow I decided that may be I shouldn't take all these unnatural pills from the medical industrial complex and went and bought a natural spray made of Icelandic moss and propolis and some other stuff. I used it 2 days and my sore throat became better but then suddenly I got some sort of an allergic reaction/ swelling in my nose and left ear. It was really quite horrible especially considering it happened late in the evening.

The next day I went to a store and bought some medication for my nose (quite traditional this time) and it became better but I did develop a sinusitis and a cough and what not and it took me about a month to totally recover and then I had to use salt water nose drops and an anti-cough med (I took one for kids as it had no propolis in it).

Should have stuck with paracetamol instead.


  1. I am sorry to hear this. I have had recent issues with "natural" things not working, as well. Some do work, some are stupid. LOL!

  2. Keep in mind Sanne that the US medical establishment is corrupt and dirty in ways you probably can't appreciate in a country where the people's health and safety are held in at least some regard. Our FDA and CDC and NIH leaders are tied up and tangled up with pharmaceutical companies and gain a lot personally the more drugs we are prescribed and ingest. Don't even get me started on our food. I spend extra money for pasta imported from Europe and flour imported from Europe because you guys don't have to eat seeds treated with RoundUp. When Americans are saying this stuff, it's from a different vantage point.

    That said, I accept your point that some people's dependence on what is "natural" at the expense of legitimately useful modern medicine borders on ridiculous.

  3. Here they give you less medication generally purely out of pragmatic considerations, to keep the costs down. It's practically impossible to get antibiotics even for a serious case, unless you after a certain age. When you are still "young" (i.e. under 60) they often don't take you seriously at all. I know someone who nearly died from pneumonia in her 30s because the doctors didn't believe that someone "that young" could even get it.

    On the other hand, that makes you more creative and resilient. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger etc:)

    As for "natural" stuff, the problem is that these supplements often aren't regulated at all but can have very serious side effects. I still don't know what exactly caused such a reaction as I used propolis before without any side effects.

    I do think that some medication is over-prescribed. Take Type2 Diabetes, for instance. In many situations, it could just be controlled with diet alone. The problem is though many people (and I know some personally) would rather take a pill than change their life style.

  4. Here they give you less medication generally purely out of pragmatic considerations, to keep the costs down.

    If only that were true here. A full 1/3 of television commercials are for prescription pharmaceuticals. It always ends with a list of possible side effects, followed by. "Ask your doctor about Lyrica/Eliquis/Ozempic" or whatever.

    Doctors love prescription pads here, which is why you see so much backlash in conservative commentators.

  5. I've never seen ads for prescription meds, well for some over the counter medication. The backlash is somewhat understandable, but there are "conservative commentators" out there who promote smoking (seriously) because if the USgovt says that smoking is bad for you, it must be good, amirite?

    That's what I mean by taking it too far.

  6. I'm choosy about what prescriptions I take from the doctor. Last summer, probably had the 'vid, so I went to the doctor to get a stronger prescriptions of the OTC that were not doing it.

    I had an elderly relative get damaged by Fosix years ago. This drug that was supposed to stop bone loss caused her to lose bone density.

  7. Older people often get a ridiculous amount of meds prescribed, btw, unlike us younger folks, including mega doses of vitamins which some doctors nowadays say can do more harm than good:

    I'd encourage everyone to do their own research. But when one, for instance is a heart or cancer patient, than the medication is necessary, unfortunately.