Saturday, November 4, 2023

What I Eat In A Day

 I thought it was time to have another one of these, since folks always appear to be interested in food others are eating.Starting with myself:)

My regular readers probably know that I currently don't eat meat, but I do eat fish several times a week. So here is what I ate yesterday:


A cup of Redbush tea with honing (I don't tolerate caffeine well), a banana and 2 sorts of grapes, a glass of full fat milk, and crisp bread, 1 piece with peanut butter, the other with a bit of butter and plum jam.


Water with home baked bread (from a bread baker. I don't do it very often but this week I decided to use it), 1 slice with butter and apple butter, the other with mashed sardines, ketchup and cucumber. 

Wait, that's not all, here's more:)

Cacao made with water, some (full fat) coffee milk and honey, plus a chocolate cookie. Not the healthiest of choices (the cookie, that is) , but I thought I deserved it after being outside doing shopping for nearly 2 hours.

I drank a cup of tea around 4.30 p.m. and then it was time for dinner. 

I combined 2 recipes from a German vegetarian cooking magazine and here is what I got. A glass of water and 2 pita breads, frittata omelette made with eggs (1 per person), some full fat milk, cheese (1 slice per person), onion, carrot and herbs + ground nuts (almond, walnut and something else, I forget) + broad beans (I hope it's the correct name) tomato salad. 

We also had dessert:

Full fat yogurt with ground flax seeds and sunflower seeds and 1tsp of jam. In the evening I drank another cup of tea and that was all. 

A note about dairy, women are recommended to eat at least some full fat dairy, just don't overdo it:)

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