Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Housekeeping Schedule That Actually Works

 I tried one from Darla Shine's book Happy Housewives which I reviewed on my blog several years ago, with some changes to adapt it to my situation. So far I'm content the way it goes and decided to share it with you:)


the floors. For me it means I vacuum all the 4 levels and wash the floors everywhere, plus the cats' feeding bowls when I clean this area and then I do the kitchen sink and working area, too. 


I start with one load of laundry, and clean the bathrooms.


This is my main laundry day, when I change the beds, tablecloth etc. Plus, I get to fold Tuesday laundry, too. I usually do 2 loads.


If there is some extra laundry, I finish it this day. For the rest, it's dusting/area cleaning.


This is the day to take it easy:) Laundry is all done by now, and I fold the rest so that the house looks neat for the weekend. You see, we currently don't have a dryer, and my husband dislikes laundry racks in full sight during weekends. Then I do a short vacuuming, only two floors instead of 4. And some shopping.


is the principal shopping day in our household, we take the car and go to Aldi. That's about it.


the day of rest. Only necessary stuff like making beds etc. Hope it may be helpful for someone. 



  1. Man, if only I could have found a good woman to keep me at home and allow me to do that. :LOL:

  2. That's not all I do at home.
    Keep on trying:)

    1. I could do those "things" for her to each morning on my side.

  3. And they say women have ***** envy, lol