Monday, November 27, 2023

She Really Loves Money...

 I had a couple of conversations recently with/about women of totally different backgrounds and even ethnicity, yet the story I heard was the same.

One lady told me she basically doesn't need to work and her husband wouldn't mind if she quit, but she really loves money and independence it gives. To paraphrase: "Because if I quit, I will have to ask my husband's permission to buy stuff, and I really like buying stuff."

The other lady is older and keeps complaining about her bad heath, back pain etc but keeps on working close to full time, though, as her colleague reliably informed me, she has a wealthy husband, adult children and no need to work at all. When pressed, she said exactly the same thing: "I really love money and independence from my husband it gives."

I do find such honesty refreshing. No sappy stories about "how I really LOVE my job" and "what is there to do at home?" just the plain truth. That goes for the majority of the working women, btw. It's not entirely their fault, as modern society promotes money-making abilities and wealth as the only existing virtue. In fact, someone even joked that just like in Medieval times you had Earls and Dukes and Knights we have titles like "a billionaire". So the guy said, we should go further and just address people by the contents of their bank accounts.

So instead of the aristocracy and commoners we'd have a Hundredaire and a Thousandaire as opposed to a Millionaire and a Billionaire. 

Wherever this current Western culture comes from, it's not from the Christian religion: For the love of money is the root of all evil...


  1. Such honesty is indeed refreshing and rare for sure! Never heard that myself.

    I have had troubles commenting here for 6 months or so, and during that time I sent you an email, Sanne. I am wondering if it ever came through?

  2. Miriam, I'm not sure what the problem is, but it isn't coming from anything I have done. No, I never got your email. This email server started asking all sorts of personal info and got shut down once. I reinstalled it and they threatened to shut me down again if I don't give them my mobile number, which I'm not planning to do. I got mostly spam on it, anyway. When I have time I'll look whether I can fix it or find another free email service.

  3. I must admit I like money much more than a christian lady should.

    But not enough to work.

  4. Well, I think few people really dislike it:) The problem with these women though is that the reason they love it so much is because it gives them independence. That's why they work.