Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Warm Weather And Modesty

Summer is upon us again, you know that season when many women and (some) men appear to have real difficulty with keeping their clothes on. 

In the Scriptures going around naked was a sign of demonic possession (Luke 8:27). I wonder what does it really say about our culture...


  1. I'm doubtful about the possession part, but as a person who lives outside a beach town, it does amaze me what people will not wear relative to their weight while on the beach. Not that I would wear some speedos, but what I have seen from both men and women that are let us say, rather hefty, is surprising. Some of the larger women should definitely consider a fully body burka. :LOL:

  2. Well, I'm not saying they are all possessed or something, but there is certainly at least some connection between the wide acceptance of public (near) nakedness and the spread of evil in the Western society.