Thursday, July 13, 2023

Is Psychology A Scam?

 Well may be not psychology itself but its practitioners? 

So I read a transcript of a video by a lady psychologist. I say 'read' because I had no time to listen to this drivel:)

I learned the following: all children are born absolutely innocent, in a "blank slate" state. Whatever wrong things they may do throughout their life is always their parents' fault and never their own.

Parents traumatise their children by saying "no" to them. If you say "no" to your child, unless his life is in danger or he puts someone else's life in danger, then he later will need years of therapy to undo the harm. You should basically allow him to do whatever he wants.

When your small child is doing things like throwing the earth out of the flower pots together with plants or keeps eating dog food or displays any similar behaviour you shouldn't try to correct it. It's perfectly normal at his age and will traumatise him if you do. Instead, child-proof your home by getting rid of all these things.

Your child is financially dependent on you and it's unfair and unequal. Thus, you should buy him whatever he wants whenever he wants it, especially toys and other kinds of presents, otherwise he'll be traumatised for life and will need years of therapy.

If you ever raise your voice while speaking to your children...oh dear. Well, you get the point. I may have forgotten something but that basically sums her lecture up.

No wonder the family is so screwed nowadays...


  1. And then you have kids like Will Smith and Jada

  2. I have a quote I saved from I know not where, but it is excellent IMHO:
    'Psychology' denies the supernatural, the soul, the notion of sin, especially original sin. 'Psychology' is concerned with excuses that 'explain away' evil and sin. You're not dispensed from the notion of sin. But psychology says you are.

  3. Anon n1: not sure who they are:)

  4. Jo: I especially like how any antisocial behaviour nowadays is labeled a disorder. So you aren't an a88hole anymore but actually a victim.