Monday, July 10, 2023

My Grandma Was Not A Wh8re

The reason number 1001 people hate Boomers:

Share this with whomever needs to know this. Don't ever think you can top a Boomer ... sorry that's how I feel.

–Your grandma wore very short mini skirts, thin panties, high boots, and no bra...
–She listened to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, and Rolling Stones.
–She rode on motorcycles and fast cars.
–She smoked tobacco and other things...
–She drank gin-tonics, whiskey, and whatever...
–She came home at 4 am and left for work in the morning...
Know that you will never be as cool as your grandma.
Excuse me but someone had to say it!
(Copied a copy)

Yes, I know not everyone was like this. Yet, those who were are still unrepentant. 


  1. Your link is broken.

    On topic, the fact that whoever wrote this seems oblivious to the catastrophe that unfolded in the wake of her "coll grandma" and other like her speaks volumes.

  2. It worked when I posted it. Looks like she removed her comment because 99% of the reactions were very negative. I'm genuinely amazed she thought it was a good idea to post it at all, on Gab of all places:)

  3. BTW, Personally I think it's stupid to hate the whole generation because not everyone was like that. Yet, it's always those loud-mouthed types which are remembered. And yes, they ARE totally oblivious and that is the real problem.