Thursday, April 6, 2023

Why Conservatives Don't Achieve Much

 Exhibit number...whatever

Matt Walsh has been on fire lately. I have actually come to respect him very much as he appears to be a man of principle (and a good role model, too, a married father of 6 with a stay-at-home wife).

He has a suggestion on fighting the culture war:

Here's what we should do: Pick a victim, gang up on it, and make an example of it. We can't boycott every woke company or even most of them. But we can pick one, it hardly matters which, and target it with a ruthless boycott campaign. Claim one scalp then move onto the next.

The problem is that many conservatives don't have the stomach or attention span for this. And our political "leaders" are almost completely useless. There is a way to win real victories. We just need a little grit and a little follow through.

He then gets these replies to his 2nd tweet:

Another big issue is that a lot of Republicans aren't perpetually online. They don't live on social media. Most Democrats live their lives on social media. They can be easily reached, organized and push hashtags. A huge portion of Republicans are on their boats, hunting, fishing, working on their cars, etc. It's just not as easy to mobilize Republicans as it is Democrats.   

Matt, You are missing one key difference with the non-left. We are all massive individualists. It is like herding cats. The left is like sheep, all it takes is one Shepard. We are like the chiefs of Gaul, we may band together briefly, but eventually Caesar will have his due.

The 1st reply looks like a meme criticising Boomers. You know, the one where they would rather chill and grill while their country is burning around them. The other one presents a famous right wing trope about "rugged individualism". Well, how does it work for you? One side is fanatical about winning, while the other one promotes egoism as its highest value. 

Some "conservatives" even replied that "the market should sort it out". In other words, if there are customers for sin and degenerate behaviour, so be it? It's all OK because muh free market? Market is about trade, not about morals and in a healthy Christian society it would never be up to some merchant to determine what the country's values are.

I should add that it's by no means only American right which exhibits such loser traits as it's hardly different in other countries. While the lefties all support each other, the right parties and movements have lots of infighting and tend to fall apart quickly.  Because egoism is a vice, not a virtue.


  1. Matt is worthless. He can't even be bothered to acknowledge the Jewish question. He really believes in the stupidity of 'civic nationalism.'

    I supported Ron Paul in '08 and '12 and the Grand Ole Poltroons treated him poorly despite campaigning on issues ad nauseum the previous three decades of limited government, low taxes, abortion and other issues. I have no respect for the deceased establishment whore Rush Limbaugh who could have mobilized voters but instead opted to lie his fans for his own profit. Though RP is not above criticism, he did honestly campaign on the issues the GOP supposedly wanted. Any GOP that did not support RP should shut up about losing.

  2. "Jq" is a topic no mainstream conservative will ever touch, I think. At least, not in the present circumstances. I know Walsh has been severely criticised for his (somewhat) milquetoast positions in the past, but he seems to be improving. At least, he is willing to fight for something he believes in, that is more than could be said of many others, I'm afraid...

  3. This is an excellent post, and I agree that Matt Walsh has grown increasingly effective over the past 3 or 4 years. He is on fire, and if his fatherhood is what is causing him to fight the way he is, all the better.

    @ A Texan:

    Your comment inadvertently makes Sanne's point. We can be, to borrow from something I heard somewhere, co-beligerents with people who may not go all the way "there" with us on one issue or another. This is what the left does better than we do. And it's to our detriment. Incremental progress via victories on numerous fronts is better than nothing.

    The left has fought a war of attrition, and done so to great effect, while the right keeps insisting on all or nothing.

  4. Yeah, the right is always busy with some sort of purity spiraling, and throwing each other under the bus with the 1st opportunity. I watched it in my own country, with the implosion of FvD. The party which won the elections 4 years ago, then quickly split into several smaller groups because of internal problems. Well, I hope they learned something out of this experience...

  5. The reason conservative are in disarray is that there is this establish Grand Ole Poltroons that are in on the grift with the left. I get angry about the whole thing because most of the GOP are pro-establishment phonies. Trump did us Texans no favors by supporting Cornyn for senate and Abbot for governor when there better candidates that could have won. We on the right get little more than 'less bad' than the left. When the GOP has a majority, they do little to nothing. I did vote for Cornyn over the communist that ran against him last year, but he does little for freedom or limited government. Nothing on the J6 political prisoners.

    Here is a well documented list of failures when the GOP had the majority written by a Christian libertarian.

  6. Texan, what about that guy who was found guilty in Austen? wasn't it self-defence? I thought Texas had a castle doctrine? I'm sorry I forget his name at the moment.

    1. His name is Daniel Perry. I've already contacted Governor Abbot's office and asked for a pardon for him. Austin is a lost cause. Too many libtards. I'm not sure how this Marxist DA won this but it's a sad day for self defense in Texas.

      Trump had some lousy pardons, but his best were those of Flynn, Roger Stone, and that retired sheriff from Arizona who made the inmates wear pink jumpsuits.

      I've also asked to county GOP to agitate for a pardon.

  7. They always concentrate in cities, and that's where the political power is...It's no different over here.