Thursday, April 27, 2023

Feminism Fallout Continues

Restraining orders can now be issued against Christians who speak out online:

BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma (LifeSiteNews) — A civil liberties group is accusing an Oklahoma judge of infringing on a Christian activist’s First Amendment rights with a restraining order they say is so broad as to prevent him from citing Bible verses against LGBT activism on social media...

...LGBT activists claimed they felt “threatened” by the content, and as a result, a Washington County judge has imposed on Penkoski a five-year “protective” order against conduct that could cause those activists to fear for their safety. Violations would be punished by up to a year in prison.

 As one of the commenters pointed out, 

This has been the manner wives have gone about getting restraining orders on their husbands. Literally, they just had to say they "feel afraid."

How many Christians cheerfully supported it back in the day by always taking the woman's side? How many still do now and blame the husband when anything goes wrong in marriage, I wonder...

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