Sunday, April 16, 2023

A Man Telling It Like It Is

 I really liked a comment on this post by Will at Patriactionary left by a guy who called himself fitzhamilton (the post itself is very funny, btw:)

I can't figure if it's possible to link to it directly, so you'll have to follow the link above and then  scroll down to read it in its entirety, but here is a quote:

 Men generally tend to the exception in at least one area, women to general mediocrity.

This is why women form collectivist hives, and men form meritocratic hierarchies. Women don’t belong in public life, they belong in the home and community doing the three things they far excel men at: taking care of children, their husbands and maintaining the hearth and intimate interpersonal relation vital to local community.


  1. I wish more men thought like him and spoke out:)

  2. I kind of like those Taliban guys kicking the women out of universities. They get something right once in a while. :LOL:

  3. They probably had to take a drastic action because their birth rates kept falling;) I hear they forbade women from working, too...

  4. The older I get the more I think about my life... I have never had problems with this idea, women being the ''structure'' of the home and community. I never saw any reason in feminists' claims that ''life'' or ''meaning'' was out there. All I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother. I felt ready at the age of 12, but there were so many years of school to be waded through. I was never interested in ''having fun'' as a teenager. So I can totally understand the more conservative cultures' ideas of ''marrying young''. I grew up on a homestead, which means my mother (of blessed memory) was always there - as were my father (and my grandfather) excluding some odd jobs he had. I saw the Meaning of life from the very beginning of my life, I saw it, I breathed it, and I tried my hand on it as early as I can remember. It was meaningful life, meaningful living. This was (and is) my heritance, this was what I took with me - and I ended up in a world I didn't know and which didn't know me. My parents wanted me and my siblings to have that they were not able to have, ie. education and some kind of fullfilment in society and hopefully in service of others, but they didn't know there isn't fullfilment if there is no meaning. For them, the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. I don't blame them. They did what they thought were the right thing to do. For myself, I have come a long journey from the girl who wanted to stay on the homestead and do what she knew was the right thing to do to an older woman who did become a wife and a mother, but needed to spend too many decades on workforce with a broken heart, knowing that I did not stay true to the meaning I knew, and who has paid the price for that.

    Why all the rambling? If someone young, freshly married or someone yearning to be a wife some day, is reading this now, please know you do not have to compromise. Stay true to your belief.

  5. It was very beautiful, Miriam, thank you!