Thursday, April 13, 2023

Wages Of Sin Are Death

 In the case of feminism, it is death of the nation we are talking about:

April 7 (Reuters) - Births in Italy dropped to a new historic low below 400,000 in 2022, national statistics bureau ISTAT said on Friday, as the population continued to shrink...

Italy's dearth of babies is considered a national emergency, and fixing the problem was a prominent policy pledge by Giorgia Meloni ahead of last year's election which saw her become the country's first woman prime minister.

The woman herself has exactly 1 child, with her "partner", btw. She would have served her country much better had she married some decent guy and had 6. 

Last year Italy recorded more than 12 deaths for every seven births and the resident population fell by 179,000 to 58.85 million, ISTAT said in its annual demographic report.

The population decline slowed somewhat compared with 2021 and 2020, two years heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's interesting that their population declined while, from what I heard, other countries such as the USA  had a mini baby boom, presumably because many women were forced to work from home.

( It could be probably explained by older people dying from corona and emigration of healthy young people in search for work, after all

In its latest report, ISTAT said one in four people in Italy is above the age of 65, while the number of centenarians has tripled to 22,000 over the last 20 years.)

 So a logical thing to do to increase a country's fertility would be to persuade more women to stay home and even be a housewife, right? Wrong!

The trend was partly offset by immigration, with immigrants exceeding emigrants by 229,000 last year compared with a net inflow of 160,000 in 2021. Foreigners made up 8.6% of the country's population in 2022, for a total of 5.05 million.

 I'm sure all these immigrants will make up for the loss of the native population, though. As long as they are legal, am I right? That's the "conservative" slogan which Ms Meloni adopted, it's OK to be replaced by foreigners in your own country as long as it's done legally. 

"A major factor is the reduction and the ageing of the female population in the 15-49 age group conventionally considered reproductive," the institute said in a note.

Fine to know that I'm still technically of a reproductive age, lol! 

ISTAT predicted in September that Italy could lose almost a fifth of its residents, with the population set to decline, under a baseline scenario, to 54.2 million in 2050 and 47.7 million in 2070.

Well, honestly, I don't know, may be they don't need so many people. All Western European countries are quite overpopulated. What makes it a real problem, is population replacement through immigration, legal and illegal. It's noteworthy, however, that since we got everyone emancipated and started giving birth control pills like candy to all the girls starting at 15, we need to bribe women to get kids like in France and Germany and even then it's mostly non-Europeans who choose to profit from it.

I read recently that my country has "the lowest teenage pregnancy rate" compared to some other countries, is it really something to celebrate? As you saw above, 15 is considered to be "of reproductive age". While 15 is rather low (here the age of consent is 16 but it's 14 in Italy) a female of 18 or 19 is still technically "in her teens" and that's exactly when you are the most fertile, not when you are 48 or 49. 

Girls of that age are encouraged to have s8x, btw, just as long as they don't become mothers, as their 20s are supposedly "for fun", "finding herself", traveling, and don't forget, the holiest of all cows, education and career. 

The end results of this experiment remain to be seen...

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