Monday, April 24, 2023

Are Western Elites Doing Unspeakably Evil Things?

 No. Allegedly only some of them...

A federal judge in Virginia is fighting for full custody of his two young daughters after his high society ex-wife was arrested at a hotel where she allegedly planned to sexually assault an eight-year-old girl, can exclusively reveal.

Please note that even in a case like that, the father has to fight for custody.

Eleanor Hunton Hoppe, 45, a member of one of Virginia's most prominent families, was snared in an FBI sting last month after messaging an undercover agent explicit and sickening details about what she wanted to do to the child, according to court filings. 

Those are your betters, who keep scolding you about various -phobias, and -isms and climate change and whatever, you filthy peasant!

The mother-of-two – who has been charged with child porn and child sex abuse offenses – is also accused of sending the agent a 30-second video and three still images of young minor girls being horrifically sexually abused by men...

She had previously worked in child advocacy and support organizations and was a volunteer at her prestigious local Episcopal church in Charlottesville that is affiliated with the University of Virginia, can reveal.

Makes one wonder about these organisations, doesn't it?

Hunton Hoppe is currently locked up in Washington DC and faces life behind bars if convicted of three federal crimes: Distributing child porn, enticement of a minor and attempted transportation of a minor with attempt to engage in sexual activity.

Should be, well, you know, after the due process in Minecraft...

The ex spouses had previously agreed to joint physical custody in May 2021 after a messy divorce battle – during which the magistrate judge accused his ex-wife of hunting for sex with other men and women

In court papers filed in Albemarle Circuit Court, Virginia, Joel, 46, further claimed that his ex had brought a sexual partner back to the marital home while their young daughters were there. 

There should be punishments for (proven) adultery, as I have written before...

"Socialite mom". Sugar and spice and everything nice, eh? Victorian stereotypes about women were retarded. You will have to go read the whole article as the details it gives are too dirty for this blog.

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