Friday, March 26, 2021

The Real "Trad"

 There have been autistic discussions online about what does it mean for a woman to be fully "trad". Now look girlies, here's an example:


Seriously though, not everybody's close ancestors were subsistence farmers:)


  1. Hahaha! I hope she didn't get frostbite. My grandpa was from Norway, born on a little island where the arctic circle intersects the coastline. He father, and grandfathers were all fishermen. Grandpa went to the mainland and became a tailor, then immigrated to Utah where he eventually owned a dry cleaning/tailoring shop and worked well into his eighties.

  2. Very interesting, Rozy!

    I think she follows Wim Hof method, that's a Dutch guy who is famous for various "cold" records like running barefoot on ice and swimming under ice so she must be OK.

    The funniest thing though is how many people in comments took it seriously and were asking if Swedes had washing machines:) And many Swedes said, oh no, we always wash this way!

  3. I like her! She is a very good singer too.