Saturday, March 6, 2021

Obesity Crashed Western Economies

 That's why we have lockdowns:

Nearly 90 percent of coronavirus fatalities have occurred in countries with high obesity levels, according to researchers — who now want overweight people to be prioritized for vaccinations.

Death rates were 10 times higher in countries such as the US where at least 50 percent of the total population is overweight, according to a World Health Organization-backed study released Thursday  by the World Obesity Federation.

Not that vaccinations will help much in this case:
Researchers at the National Cancer Institute Regina Elena found that those considered obese — defined as having a body mass index over 30 — produced about half the amount of antibodies compared with people who had a healthy body weight, the Guardian reported.

Even WHO is worried:

“[This] must act as a wake-up call to governments globally,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus...

For Pete's sake, fatties,  overweight fellow citizens, lose some weight, otherwise we all will stay in quarantine forever:)

Read the whole article over here.


  1. No doubt, yet we had not heard the incompetent Fauci make any mention of weight loss or good nutrition and including the use of vitamin supplements to counteract the potential of this alleged virus.

    Funny that the medical profession derides the supplement industry yet some food is naturally junky that it has be fortified such as white bread.

  2. Post Alley CrackpotMarch 8, 2021 at 12:29 AM

    And because to these people correlation is equivalent to causation, and black is merely a shade of white that varies according to having differently allocated spectra, we'll have little to fear as they get ploughed under by an HGV ignoring them in a zebra crossing.

    Obviously to recognise otherwise would be racist!

    And so their deaths will be mourned by all before being forgotten by most (and scraped off the HGV by some of the rest).

    But the "World Obesity Foundation" ... so, that's a for-profit non-profit quasi-quango pay-for-play two-to-tango organisation of global generalities that exists primarily to get fat on the public welfare?

    Just asking for a friend who wants to start the "World Ontological Paradox Foundation", an organisation that once created will never see the end of its funding.

    I say he's toying with existential forces that could signal the end of economics itself, but apparently he's worked out a closed-loop theory about that. :-)

  3. Texan, vit.D appears to help, it was here on the news. I personally would recommend cod liver oil, but you should be careful because some brands are quite low in vitD but high in vitA. It should be vice versa since high vit. A is toxic, especially to pregnant women.

  4. Crackpot:) that's the first time I've ever heard about "obesity foundation". Doesn't every disease nowadays have like a NGO of its own? But we are collectively getting more overweight, and it goes for 3d world countries, too, unfortunately. Wealth has its own challenges!

  5. Post Alley CrackpotMarch 8, 2021 at 11:48 PM

    Yes, but what happened to traditional "thinking locally" about these issues instead of such grandiose and up-their-backsides stuff like "global" this and "world" that and so forth?

    Why can't there be a "Gluttony Advocacy Group" or even a "Bay Area Regurgitation Foundation" for those who eat too much and don't want it going to waist? :-)

    Instead it's all "World Agency Not Knowing Earthly Reality" and public speaking faces that look every bit the part.

    Personally I can't give a toss as long as I don't have to lift the members of GAG and BARF, let alone toss them, but I'll have you know I intend to stay well away from that last group!


  6. WWII:)
    We already have gluttony foundation, it's called "body positive movement" or something similar:)

  7. I've been pondering this a bit, and here's another thought. It's any wonder that overweight countries, and a preponderance of developed nations, was hit harder by COVID.

    Not only do we weigh much more, we move much less, we're much more likely to have air conditioning, meaning we are in houses/buildings that are shut up tonight with little to no fresh air flow, etc.

    Westerners have better medical care. Although, I think we suck super royally at preventative care and nutrition. We're great at trauma medicine in the west, though.

    We have to face some hard truths about how our expanded girths affect our ability to live well and fight off diseases.

    Our medical establishment has failed to keep up with change in our aggregate activity levels. They have almost no relevant nutritional training. So much so that many people truly are gluttons by accident.

    That's before we even begin to deal with the fact that food companies buy and pay for the studies which give us misleading information which the government then cosigns.

    Big pharma wins.

  8. I should say that imo, air conditioning and central heating add to the problem, since when it's either very hot or cold, the body needs to burn extra energy to keep the temperature normal, so that you will normally lose extra weight. There is a reason people used to talk about "surviving the winter", for instance.

    However, this is probably more of an American problem still, since over here we use the car less and walk/bicycle more, our heating is usually set quite low to save energy (mine, e.g. is 18*C during the day and +15*C at night), and many people don't even have an airco. Still, with 50+% of the population overweight, we don't have much to boast about.