Friday, March 19, 2021

Slandering A Woman's Honour

 In Islam, slandering a chaste woman is punishable by 80 lashes. 

They appear to take the issue quite seriously, and while the penalty sounds rather extreme by modern Western standards, the idea behind it is not without merit. In fact, I think the casual slander of women by some figures on the right is quite disgusting.

I'll give you some examples without naming anyone. When discussing a divorce in certain circles, not only all the blame would be automatically assigned to the wife, but her motives would often be presumed as the desire to wh*re around. The fact is, since we have a no-fault divorce nowadays, you aren't obliged to give any reason, and you guess what? Many don't. Some people were still raised with the principle of not hanging your dirty laundry in public. People will cite "irreconcilable differences" exactly because they don't want to malign their spouse and the father/mother of their children.

And actually, it's not really your damn business why some couple on the internet divorced. Unless you have the proof female adultery was behind it (which, of course, happens) it's really not up to you to judge. There is something creepy behind it, too.

Still, one could argue that those who choose to have a presence on the internet are a fair game, since they are now a public figure. OK, there is some truth behind it. But it often goes further than that. Instead of the presumption of innocence, there is the presumption of guilt. What about all the talk about church girls being sl*ts, who only bother to behave decently on Sunday? I mean, WTF? These girls are your sisters in Christ, and  they are also someone's daughter, sister and cousin. 

And then, how do you know they are all wh8res? Did you fornicate with all of them? Well, then it makes you a wh8re-monger, hardly something to be proud of. You are just as guilty as those women, and a snitch as well, and we all know what happens to snitches...

I have a feeling that some of these men don't really want a return to "traditional patriarchy" and they wouldn't fare too well in some of these societies, their idea of "tradition" is a 1960's James Bond movie. Every woman he wants he gets etc.

Also, young girls are under authority of the families/fathers. It's not up to some random man who probably just wants to bang her, to presume any sort of authority above her, unless they get married.

BTW, I'm not trying to say that one can't criticise women (or men, for that matter), or the general degeneracy of society, however, it's not really Christian or traditional or even charitable to always ascribe the worst possible motives to someone's behaviour, without sufficient proof. It certainly won't win any converts to your cause, either.