Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Strong Women In Iran

 and other things...Today I'm going to talk about three movies I have watched recently. 

The first one is called Mazar Sharif . It was produced in 2015 in Iran and can be watched on YouTube with English subtitles. 

Genre: war drama. Based on real events. It's 1990s and Taliban is taking over in Afghanistan. Ten Iranian diplomats are stuck in Mazar Sharif, where their only hope lies in their diplomatic immunity. However, mujaheddin have other plans. They break into the embassy, rob it, then line everyone up against the wall and shoot them. One guy manages to survive, but will he make it to the border though? (hint: he wouldn't, without a strong woman to help.)

The moral: war is bad. It's also the fault of the West.

The next one is A Bullet For The General, a 1967 Italian film, which can be watched over here.

Genre: spaghetti Western. A mysterious American joins with Mexican rebels, ostensibly to share in the profits of the illegal arms sale, but what is his real objective? 

The moral: while others fight for common good, gringos usually fight for money (sorry, my American friends, I do love you:)

The last one is a (quite recent) film by Johnson Production Group, the one which makes movies for Hallmark Channel. It's called Three Weeks, Three Kids and is also on YouTube.

Genre: chick flick. A frivolous young woman is forced to grow up when the circumstances demand that she watches her eldest sister's three kids. 

The moral of the story: taking care of a family is not for ditzheads. 

All three movies are very different, so you can choose whatever suits your taste:)

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