Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Civil Disobedience

 We had a civil disobedience action yesterday.  Restaurant branch opened its terraces, so that you could sit outside and drink something. It was actually in the whole country, but in many places police interfered early and shut everything down.

Our city government didn't intervene and the action went on till 5 p.m. after which everybody closed their doors again. The weather was very good, and it was full. Mothers took their children from school and went to a nearby cafe right away.

Today stores partially opened. You have to write yourself down, and the number of clients is very restricted. Some shops are closed still, others want you to use internet for an appointment, which I'm not going to do as there have been numerous security breaches everywhere.  By smaller stores you can write yourself in at the door. I've been to town and bought some things I needed, which was a nice experience, after 2.5 months.

The number of infections/cases keeps fluctuating so I'm not very optimistic. But today I've enjoyed myself anyway:) How about you?


  1. We live in Florida, U.S., home of the media's most hated governor in America. Our life has been pretty normal in all the major ways since summer 2020. Why is our governor the most hated?

    Firstly, because he was a Trump supporter. Then there was no statewide mask mandate (we all mostly wear masks indoors in businesses even without the mandate).

    Thirdly, because we have been wide open, including schools, since last August, and are ranked 29th of all states in terms of per capita infections (a slap in their faces when compared to the formerly beloved COVID murderer governor from NY).

    So, we're good overall. :)

    But I am very glad that the people of your country are asserting their right to get back to some semblance of normal living. Yay!

  2. Post Alley CrackpotMarch 3, 2021 at 5:52 PM

    "We had a civil disobedience action yesterday ..."

    My people try to stay out of civil disobedience actions.

    Historically they've ended with deposing sovereigns, deposing dictators, starting revolutions, putting the oligarchy's favourite bankers in prison, rounding up informers to be shot, executing entire governments ...

    We're actually really nice people until you try to put us into some kind of political corral. :-)

    I'm wondering that with these more popularised times if it'd be worth putting together a T-shirt design that says "IF YOU SEE ME AT A PROTEST, YOU'D BETTER START RUNNING". :-)

    Also, Florida's governor is "hated" by the Leftists because he's an INTx personality who started his term somewhat awkwardly but eventually realised he doesn't have to win over his enemies.

    Instead, DeSantis just has to practise decently functional government without totalitarian overtones to win over his base, which he does.

    As he does this, he continues to win over groups that respect people who will stand up to their adversaries, and so despite the whinging, he's not going away.

    Which they "hate" even more.

    I've put "hate" in danger quotes because these Leftists can't even hate people with authenticity, and so all they can really do is whinge loudly about how their preference cascades have being ignored.

    "... we all mostly wear masks indoors in businesses even without the mandate ..."

    Not up here we don't.

    Want a drive on the wild side, head up US 98.

    But that was the case even before The Rona.


  3. I think the number of infections is dependent on population density, which by us is the highest in Europe. But I also do have my suspicions that over here they are testing more than in other countries. If the case fatality rate is more or less stable, how comes countries like Belgium with (officially) less infections have more deaths? But then, you could argue that the mortality numbers could also be manipulated.

    We are having elections in 2 weeks, so there probably will be some easing down of restrictions. One can only hope...