Monday, January 4, 2021

Will Potatoes Make You More Intelligent?

As we are all recovering from holidays (honestly, they should make 6 Jan a free day, too, imo), I'll just leave you with this astonishing news item from DailyMail (I know, I know)

The secret to man's intelligence? POTATOES

Carbs are in again:

 The new study combines archaeological, anthropological, genetic, physiological and anatomical data to argue it carbohydrate consumption was key in the human brain's evolution.


  1. So what do you think? Is our rapid rise in cultural insanity is directly linked to the low carb craze, LOL?

  2. Elspeth:) I don't really know, but imo, eating low-carb isn't healthy in the long run. People who promote these diets will often lump all carbs together, but there is a difference between low and high GI stuff. It also depends on your age. When you are young you can eat pretty much anything, but as you are getting older, nutrition and fitness become more important.