Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Beware Of Internet Crazies!

 Anyone putting their personal info online, especially if they run a popular blog/YouTube channel should be aware there exist whole communities of internet stalkers obsessively following any semi-famous figure and spreading malicious gossip. Most of them are educated English speaking females with apparently nothing better to do with their life than filling in hundreds of pages with their bile. I'm afraid they are doing it on their boss' time, too! 

They obviously think themselves witty, but  they come across as sore bitter losers trashing any woman more pretty/accomplished and feminine. If a woman kept her figure after having kids, it's because she has an eating disorder. If she's pleasant to be around, she's brainwashed by the patriarchy (no, seriously!) If her children show her respect, it's because she abuses them. If she likes to be a mommy, it's because she's a deviant.

These miserable harpies positively detest anyone who is happy and productive. It makes me realise there was a reason we used to have a punishment for malicious gossip. Now many men will complain how difficult it is to vet a potential romantic partner. Not in the age of social media, though. Here is some free advice for you, guys: just check your prospective wife's/girlfriend's internet history. If she participates in any of these *itch sessions, than run, not walk:)


  1. "... there was a reason we used to have a punishment for malicious gossip ..."

    Initiating libel and slander litigation doesn't scale across an Internet full of these people.

    As for a male perspective of this?

    Watch what these women do when they're denied attention by some guy who they erroneously believe is within their range of various "marketplace values".

    It's when they're around guys they believe they can get but are totally ignored by that they show their true b3tchn3z colours.

    What they lack is deeper inner lives.

    The general pattern you've described: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, but with her friends and acquaintances instead of some unlucky family member or intimate partner.

    Tolerating this behaviour makes you unwell and makes them worse.

  2. Nah, litigation only fills the lawyers' pockets. I'd say, bring back ducking:)

    Seriously tho, we used to discourage teenage girls to behave in this manner, but now *itchiness is rebranded as assertiveness, and that in grown up women, too. Anglosphere appears to be especially bad, Southern Europe hardly ever represented. Their women are still socialised differently, I guess.

    BTW, it's not only a Western problem, but in countries like Turkey female gossiping is essentially utilised against what they perceive as "loose women", while here it's generally vice versa.

  3. Sanne

    As the old saying goes

    'misery loves company'

    Which is a terrible way to live.

  4. Mark, unfortunately these people are a growing segment of our society.

  5. I'd rather be inspired by happy and productive people than to wade in envy and contempt by other miserable people. Happy people with sunny personalities make me radiate with joy (and motivation). People spewing vile vitriol and bitterness suck the energy out of me and bring a mental toll on me. I have to be careful whom I watch, read, meet, and see because I can be greatly affected by their character and energy.

    It's easier to tear things/people than to be inspired and provide effort. It's also easier to be in the dumps than to be content and accomplished.

  6. I imagine that the relative online anonymity sometimes tends to bring out the worst in people, but I'm afraid in this particular situation a big factor is envy/jealousy which is a very ugly character trait.

  7. I hope you're not being set upon by these types, Sanne. They often seem to travel in herds...

  8. Thanks for your concern, Will, but it's nothing personal! I was looking for info on some UTube character and stumbled upon several discussion boards which could be better described as hate groups. That's not the 1st time I encounter it, either, there was another popular female vlogger attacked by internet harpies recently who pretty much stopped updating. I regret to say that especially USA and Canada are well represented among them;)