Thursday, January 7, 2021

She's Seriously Crazy

 Just to cheer all you folks up after the recent events:

My cat has vegetarian inclinations! Here she is eating hummus (what's left of it), lol:

The sponge is lying on the floor, because she stole it, too!

And here is the evidence of another of her crimes, trespassing on my new beautiful table:

You can tell she is a naughty girl...


  1. She is a naughty kitty! I have a couple naughty kitties of my own. Thank you for a light hearted post. I sure needed a break from the recent news. Kitty posts always make things better :)

  2. You are welcome, Susan! I have 3 kitties, but Finn is always outside or in the attic, so I only see him around feeding times:) The mother-daughter tandem, on the other hand...