Saturday, January 30, 2021

Noah 2014

 a review.

Noah 2014 is a movie starring Russel Crowe as Noah and Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah and it is rather loosely based on the Biblical narration of the Fall and the Flood. It depicts antediluvian world as a dystopian wasteland reminiscent of Mad Max films (for those of us who still remember them:) with roving bands of men destroying and devouring everything they can get their hands on.

Already in the beginning the movie departs from the Scriptural narration showing Lamech (Noah's father) murdered by Tubal Cain, the story's chief villain when Noah is still a boy, which is, of course, unbiblical since according to Genesis 6 Lamech lived 595 years after Noah's birth and there is no reason to think that he died due to violence and not of a natural cause. 

The film features Watchers who are somehow positive characters but no Nephilim. Watchers help Noah build the Ark and redeem themselves in the end as they fight to defend it from Tubal Cain's hordes which frankly, borders on blasphemous, imo. The plot further gets a very unexpected twist since when Noah's family finally enter the Ark they are still lacking wives for Cham and Japhet, leading to lots of drama. 

Noah is shown as a misanthropic character bordering on religious fanaticism unlike his grandfather Methuselah who is a very wise and likeable person. It all ends well though, with Noah reconciling with and blessing his family.

Despite all this, the movie has some plus points, too. It is entertaining. Russel Crowe's acting is superb and others also do their best. It has some touching moments and some stunning scenery. It's also not feminist, Noah is the family's Patriarch and treated as such by everyone. I guess it is OK when you just view it as a dark fantasy story with some Biblical motifs but don't expect more. 

If we want real Christian movies, we probably should build a Christian version of Hollywood, if you know what I mean. Until then, that's the best we can get. 

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