Tuesday, June 9, 2020

She Is Now 8!

Our littlest cat turned 8 months yesterday. Allow me to introduce (something I have been planning to do for quite some time), Loki Sigyn:

She has a double name because first we thought it was a tom, lol:) It was quite a shock to me when the vet told me they were ALL girlies, because I had sold them as males, but luckily, nobody appeared to object.

Here is she with her mom:

And here is one more picture, it's a couple of moths old probably, when her mother was still taking some interest in her. Now they mostly fight, but both have a great relationship with Uncle Finn who sometimes forgets he is neutered and tries his old tricks, unsuccessfully, of course:)

I always had to deal with autistic toms who chiefly wanted to go outside, fight and breed, and never imagined a cat could be so sweet as Sigyn. She always comes when you call her and often jumps on your knees whether you like it or not. She adores company, but only our company, as she is quite shy around visitors, may be because we had none for quite some time.

It'll probably change when she starts going outside, but I'm determined to not let it happen until she's sterilised, as having to deal with one nest of kittens was quite enough, thank you very much:)