Monday, June 1, 2020

Pentecost Weekend News And Iron Age Village

So today is the 2nd Pentecost Day, an official holiday here in the Netherlands. The reason posting has been so scarce so far is simply because we continue having some exceptionally good weather. At least good for us common folks, not for agriculture as we are experiencing a drought right now. Water level is so low in our water tank in the garden that we have to use water from the nearby ditch, as most others do, too. Luckily, we still have enough as some of the smaller ditches in other parts of town have dried out.

Anyway, it's great weather to be outside (especially now with the long weekend) and not a good weather to sit behind the computer screen!

In other news, it's a great day today. Churches finally opened their doors to public in the morning service, though the amount of visitors is currently restricted to 30. Ours operate on a schedule starting with the letter A so obviously it won't be our turn to go for quite some time yet. Zoos and museums opened, too, but you have to book a place online beforehand. May be, if they still have place we'll go next weekend.

And, last but not least: today at noon all the restaurants, cafes and pubs will open their doors to public. To sit inside, you have to book, but as far as I know, terraces are open to anyone. Saturday evening we went to the beach first time this year and they were all busy preparing. I'm not sure I'm going to drink something somewhere right away, but I'm sure going to look:) It's nice to know that life is getting back to normal.

What does it all have to do with Iron Age though? Simple, yesterday I found this great documentary which I'd like to share with you:

I hope you'll enjoy it!


  1. Praise God! Wonderful that you can worship, at least some, at church again!

    Are you allowed to sing? There is talk of banning singing initially, for fear of transmission of the virus... It's such B.S.

    Here, it's taking longer to return to normal; I wonder if we'll do so before summer ends...

  2. They will choose two people to sing every sermon. And they are going to research the quality of air inside church buildings:) Apparently, a big outbreak in March was after a choir rehearsal at church.

    Anyway, with an eye on what's happening, I'm kinda glad we still have corona restrictions which prevent mass gatherings.