Friday, June 12, 2020

How To Defeat Woke Capital

Some useful suggestions
I have been thinking that I really can't boycott any of these companies since I stopped using their products long ago. I don't do Starbucks or McDonald's or anything similar, I don't subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime, in fact, I hardly ever watch TV at all. I don't buy brands, I don't use makeup etc etc. I still buy many of my clothes new, and I could probably buy more stuff at the market instead of supermarkets now that it's back, but ours aren't as woke yet, luckily. I nearly always go for the generic and the cheapest products and visit small ethnic shops like Polish for instance.

There is one more thing to consider though: by using credit and taking huge mortgages you support the most wicked of them all, the moneylenders...

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