Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone 2001

A movie review. So I did it, I went and watched the 1st Harry Potter movie till the end. Here are my thoughts. It's fairly all right as far as modern movies go. Some things are probably different from how it was in the book, but honestly, I read it like 8 years ago and have only a vague idea of details. The language isn't ideal overall, but not really shocking, either. Didn't care for the "toilet humour" (troll snot), but it there wasn't a lot of it.

Probably less feminist than Narnia adaptations. Harry Potter is clearly the hero who saves the day. Quidditch was much more fun to actually watch than to read the rather boring descriptions of it in the book. The topic "it's soo British and slightly Victorian" is covered very extensively. Harry's cousin is shown as a stereotypical fat overweight brat (is it even allowed in the current year?) There is less focus on actual spells than in the original stories and it's feels more like a fairy tale than a witchcraft manual.

That all said. The phrase that kept popping up in my mind was "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". I know that we have our Christian freedom, but a part of me thinks that we misused it profoundly during the last years or so and that's probably behind some of the unpleasantness we have been experiencing lately.

Personally I wouldn't let my young children watch it. After a certain age? May be, if it were still a thing. Kids always want to fit in, and it's not really that bad an example of popular culture. In the end, it's something which every parent will decide for him/herself, but I have come to the conclusion that my initial opinion of Harry Potter hasn't changed. So that's it.

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