Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Veganism Is Dangerous For Your Health

A testimony from an ex-vegan plus a great discussion/resources:

My break-up with veganism

 Vegans remind me of the kind of people who in the Middle Ages would flog themselves as a punishment for their sins. (For the record, I find "carnivore diet" fans as in "eat nothing but meat 3 times a day equally retarded weird). You could probably have a more or less balanced vegetarian diet (as in lacto-ovo or eating fish occasionally) but most of us need some animal proteins from meat to function properly.

A healthy diet is a balanced one and would include veggies/fruit, some dairy, eggs, meat, fish and healthy carbs (not a fan of low carbs, either). Just avoid processed food as much as possible and especially sugary drinks and bakery items and be physically active, and you should be OK.


  1. Wow, that's a powerful testimony from the ex-vegan. Thank you for sharing it. I don't know why people think they need to go on senseless diets and ruin their health in the process. We have reduced the overall amount of meat that we eat because so much of it is tainted with meds, gmo feed, etc., but we try to eat a balance the all the food groups. Except donuts, that is, we never eat those. ;)

  2. You are welcome! For some people their diet isn't so much about health but about politics as well (a liberal urbanite with his soy latte, and an extreme right-winger as a carnivore), which really makes little sense when you come to think of it. Food is essential for your well-being, and not a political statement, imo.

    Here we have stricter animal welfare laws which I'm thankful for, all of our milk is nowadays from grass fed cows (at least 6 mos outside per year, at least 6 hours a day) and keeping chickens in cages is forbidden, I think. I do try to buy organic whenever possible.

    Agree about donuts fully:)

  3. It seems to me that people who are adamant vegans are also those who don't believe in God. If you believe in God and have read the Bible you would understand that He created the animals for our use and gave us dominion over them. He expects us to take good care of this earth and the inhabitants, human and otherwise; we are to be good stewards!

  4. Some of their followers do exhibit behaviour similar to cult participants (as shown in the discussion linked above). I think that those who are very overweight could probably benefit from a vegan-like diet for a limited period of time as restricting animal products make you lose weight, but it can make an average person malnourished.

  5. There has never been a tribe solely living on a vegan diet. I have had a couple of 'conversations' with vegans... Nobody has been able to show a source of group of people who thrived on vegan diet for, let's say, 5-6 generations. Humans have been eating something from the animal kingdom whenever there has been something to eat from.

    As to carnivore diet, it does really sound weird and against all we have been told to be healthy, but if you are sick or obese enough you are ready to try anything - and surprisingly it works. People can stop shoveling medicine into their bodies, they lose weight, women get their periods back and conceive, people are getting their lives (energy and activity) back, mental health problems that are so common nowadays are minimized, addictions are being ovecome, which is amazing if you ask me. To me it is not retarded at all as I prefer living pain-free.

    There are some great testimonials at

  6. While I'm obviously not a fan of veganism, there are adherents of this diet who swear that they have had some positive effects from it, and it does help to lose weight, but as you've said, there is no known group of people who thrived on it during several generations. Well, the same is true about carnivore diet, because even inuits gathered berries and stuff. Inuits, btw, were not known for living very long lives, whatever Weston Price folks may choose to say, while Greek Orthodox monks who are largely vegetarian (lacto-ovo and they eat fish outside fast periods) live 10 years longer than the national average.

    In the end, it's an individual choice, personally I need both meat and vegetables to function properly, but but to each his own.