Saturday, February 22, 2020

Amazing Seniors

This is Britain, yes! in a positive sense: a 77 year old guy fights off a would-be robber:

The man pushes back the young lad, then throws up his fists and clocks him right in the jaw.

Be sure to watch the video, it's quite inspiring! It proves that you can be older and still in a decent shape.


  1. Good for him! Let's hope the young man learned a valuable lesson.

  2. Good God, I hope there aren't any videos of me doing something like that!

    I used to break the wrists of would-be "abstractionists" attempting to "abstract" my wallet along with its contents.

    These people used to think that I'd be this total push-over of an older guy, so typically their only plan was that they'd do this thing and then run away very fast.

    I figured they'd be less likely to trouble me or anyone else for a while with a broken wrist, but I always had to hope that the CCTV wouldn't be good enough to make out my identity.

    These people could get their wrists mended in an A&E by the NHS anyway, so what did I give a toss?

    Not that I'm trying to spread rumours that I used to be a right proper moody geezer, but I don't look too bad in trainers and a tracksuit, although this sort of thing really isn't my bag ...

    Nice to see some other people in the UK still prefer self-help and aren't trying to bother the police with their after-the-fact problems which likely couldn't be solved by ringing up 999. :-)

  3. Well, if you find one of yourself, feel free to link:)