Monday, February 10, 2020

Eating Organic For 20$ A Week

Another great video from my favourite housewife:

It's truly amazing how she keeps coming up with these menus and recipes which are budget and still quite balanced and nutritious. So inspiring!


  1. Just took time this morning to look at the video. That was pretty impressive, the way she went in Whole Foods and only spent $20.

    Whole Foods is a pricey place to shop so the fact that she did that was instructive.

  2. She is quite creative with her meal plans, actually. Her porridge recipe calls for 2 c of whole fat milk, so she gets both her animal protein and dairy (at least 2 portions) then some chicken for more animal protein and split peas are both high in plant based protein and could count as vegetables, I guess. She has no money for bread, so she buys flour and uses it for breakfast cereal, flat bread and noodles, etc.