Saturday, February 29, 2020

At Least She Was Not A Housewife

“Women firefighters actually raised concern about what they have perceived as elevated rates of breast cancer among their cohort in San Francisco,” said Jessica Trowbridge, a graduate student at UC Berkeley and lead author of the paper. “As a team, we decided to conduct an exposure study looking at chemicals that are potential breast carcinogens.”...

San Francisco is ideal location for this investigation because it has more women firefighters than any other urban fire department in the country. Women make up approximately 15% of the San Francisco fire force, compared to about 5% nationwide. This is due, in part, to 1980s litigation and a consent decree that encouraged the department to hire more women and people of color.

“Women firefighters have benefitted from these well-paid, very honorable professions and now are facing similar concerns about the impacts on their health that studies have demonstrated in men,” Morello-Frosch said.

Women firefighters face high exposure to toxic ‘forever chemicals’ 

 Someone somewhere compared modern Western society to a demented old relative constantly trying to hang himself. You stop him once, you stop him twice then you start thinking whether you should even bother...


  1. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 1, 2020 at 2:57 AM

    Here in Finland women cannot be firefighters. Well, we could, but only one woman so far has made it to the school, because physical tests are so demanding. Feminists, of course, claim the tests should be made easier, because surely equality is more important than people's lives... Also, I have understood finnish firefighters are world's elite. Wonder what would happen if tests were easier...

    When it comes to that "rape macarena" everybody's been cry-laughing at -well, I am badly traumatized by it and assume so is parody horizon.

  2. Well, our firefighters are largely volunteers, and yes, there are women among them. As for "macarena", it is funny in a perverted sort of way, but you know what...your country though it has this silliness still appears to be based in other ways (like only having male firefighters.

    If women should work...I'd rather they make silly vids than put themselves into a danger's way.

  3. That is to say, every Western country has to pay tribute to Sauron, and the way yours does is probably less harmful overall:)

  4. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 2, 2020 at 4:32 AM

    Thanks, Sanne. I think the situation here is not so bad (yet, progressives are doing their best to follow Sweden), because we are located next to Russia. Everybody here knows we have three major security threats: Russia, Russia and Russia. That is why we still have compulsory military service for young men and over half of the men still do it. That, of course, helps men to grow some hair on their chests.

    Numbers are dropping, because young men are getting softer and want to choose civilian service -or they are so low-quality that army does not want them. I always say it so convenient army does pre-selection; sane women do not waste their time on men who haven't done their service.

  5. You are welcome! I should say, we are all in this together, because every former Christian country (I say former because as far as I know there are none left which base their laws on the Bible,in the same way Moslem countries would base theirs on shariah norms) which is spared this social malady. Some are just in worse shape than the others, but collectively we all appear to deny the natural law and to worship mammon.