Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Real Reason Western Women Work

 There are actually two, but before discussing them I'll take you back in time to the 1960s. 

When my parents-in-law married, my mother-in-law was about 19 years old. She had no debts and no college education. She quit her job right away. The 1st year of their marriage, they had no house of their own and rented an attic by Grandma. When their first child was born, they moved into a 55m2 apartment, and they spent their whole life there. They went on to raise 3(!) children there. My husband's room was so small, he had a bed which could be put up and down. When it was down, the door couldn't get open. His sisters shared a room together. 

My father-in-law died in this apartment, and my mother-in-law stayed there till the end of her life. It was a rental, btw, they never owned property. Nowadays, the whole apartment complex has been turned into senior homes, mostly widowed people live there. You get my point? 

The house in which my mother-in-law grew up still stands, too. They used to live there with 8 people (the parents and 6 children). This type houses now go on sale as "starter's homes for 1 person". So here is the 1st reason most married Western women choose to work. The insatiable greed and materialism. Whatever these women have, it's never enough. The average family size went from 4 kids to 1.5, while an average home size went from 2-3 bedrooms (my father-in-law was brought up in a 2bedroom rental and he had to share his bedroom with his sister. His mother didn't work) to 6 or 7.

And then you have "many luxury vacations", the latest model cars bought on credit (my mother-in-law didn't even have a driving license, she bicycled everywhere) and so on and so forth. Because the princess is only worth the best. Of course, let's be fair, there are also men like this. There are husbands which insist their wives work. But most modern Western men are easy-going (much too easy, in my opinion), and don't really need that much. They don't mind one way or the other, whether their wives work or not. But when she comes with student's loans, won't cooperate with his financial plans, can't budget and won't do any housework, of course even the modern soyboy will often rebel and tell her to go earn her own income.

 Because it also sounds progressive and less s8xist than "shut up and go cook dinner", which he really should be saying. 

Reason n2 is that modern women simply don't want to submit to their husbands. If she quits her job, she is basically at his mercy. "The one who pays, decides". Often nowadays, they are the children of divorce, or even worse, illegitimate, and all these girls were raised with an idea that "all men are bastards" and that you shouldn't trust them. 

The little time they spend at home, they are glued to the modern msm, which tells them they need to be strong and independent. If they stop earning, there is still a chance the husband would ask her to do at least some housework, and she views it as a fate worse than death, because housework, cooking and childcare is beneath her. She'd rather force her husband do it, to remind him who is really in charge.

The truth is, you can still live like in the 1950s, if you accept that you standard of living will be lower that what is considered normal nowadays. I'd also like to add a word of warning to women, so that I'm not accused of being biased against them:) While most modern women aren't brought up to be wives in the traditional sense, not all men can be decent husbands, either. Avoid "starving artists", various addicts, violent criminal types, wh8remongers and mama's boys. None of them make good husbands. 

And while the first four are obvious, mama's boys often come across as "sweet, loving, being from a good family" types but they are a real poison. They are weak, lazy, entitled, accustomed to being served on hand and foot, accustomed that all their problems are solved by someone else, and will get a burnout and let you be the breadwinner, while their mommy will accuse you of not being sympathetic enough to her little snowflake. 

By the time a man starts contemplating marriage, he should be independent and assertive, have a steady job and enough income to buy/rent a place of his own. It doesn't have to be a villa, just a separate dwelling from his parents. That's about all for today:) I must go make dinner, 'cause my husband expects it.


  1. "By the time a man starts contemplating marriage, he should be independent and assertive, have a steady job and enough income to buy/rent a place of his own. "

    Ah, but that's the rub. The women's movement has made even college degrees worthless, even in STEM fields. May something help you if you are a White male in your early 40s looking for another job even if you are educated. The stupid women consistently vote for more government stupidity, so decent guys like me are stuck paying the tax bill for the stupid people to breed.

  2. There are also blue collar jobs which pay really well. I think your country has quite a decent amount of housewives, they must be all marrying someone?

  3. My general observation is that husbands are far more likely to insist their wives work than wives are of insisting that they need to work. Just my observation, though.

    However, I do agree with you that the consumerism driven by female sensibilities is what set this disastrous ship on its current course.

  4. It could be different from country to country and even social circle. But yes, I do know men like that, too.

  5. There are still women who want to be homemakers and men who want to be providers. I knew a guy from the church who went to great length to find such a wife and ended up with a Japanese lady 12 years older than himself who later got twins and stayed home. Some girls I knew had to marry foreigners (Belgians and Germans) to get a breadwinner. there should be some service to bring these people in contact with each other so that they don't have to search so far away from home:)

  6. The biggest problem is, at least in many western countries, especially nordic countries, that staying at home is social suicide. If you are unemployed, it is bad enough, but saying you actually want to be at home -well, you will be despized and told lazy and end up having no friends. I wonder how calvinist swiss women can stay at home but lutherans cannot.

    Also they start asking How About Your Pension and What IFf Your Husband Dies?

    P.S. Marital submission is so lovely. Making decisions is exhausting, psychology has told us that. I very happily let my hubby decide everything.

  7. This is actually strange, because many western European countries have widow pensions and transferable pensions in case your husband dies. I'm not sure about all Nordic countries, but Norway has it for sure. A friend of my parents who lives there only worked part-time and got widow pension.

    Germany has it, too. I imagine Switzerland is not different. Eastern European countries, on the other hand...I wonder if this is one of the reasons they encourage guest workers from those parts. They are greatest daycare users, as many don't have family who can babysit. The Polish are sometimes an exception, though.