Monday, October 16, 2023

Men Are Intelligent

I know that's not what they taught you, but nevertheless, it's true:)

I want to tell you 2 stories. The first one, I read online. The 2nd happened in real life.

So the story N1 goes as follows. There was a family once, a husband and a wife. The wife was a successful business woman. She had a great career and earned quite a bit of money. The husband, not so much. In fact, he had difficulty holding a job and when he tried various business projects, they all failed somehow. Yet, the family needed money, so the wife started working more and more and became even more successful. The guy, on the other hand, dropped out of the workforce altogether.

The wife was very upset and they began fighting constantly. Then, one day...he ran away with another woman. The wife was shocked, she couldn't figure out why any woman at all would want that loser. To her dismay, her ex soon succeeded at his new project, made lots of money and became quite wealthy, while his new wife stayed home and didn't work at all. Why couldn't he be like this with me??? his 1st wife kept asking.

Story N2 is about a couple where both spouses worked. Yet the husband somehow never managed to find full employment and worked shorter hours than he liked. His wife worked 3 days a week and supplemented the family income. She then became very sick and couldn't work for a long time. Finally, her sick leave drew to an end, and then she decided to quit altogether because her health still wasn't much better and she was easily tired. They had young children and missed that money. Then, as if by a miracle, the husband found a full time job so their money problems were solved.

Modern women are taught that in order "to help their husband", they must go out and find a job, however, sometimes, the best course of action is just to stay where you are and inspire your husband to be masculine by your femininity. Men are strong and intelligent, they can figure it all out on their own, if the women let them:)


  1. But that's the problem you see. Few women out there have the maturity to support their man and sacrifice some material things. Women only like equality when it benefits them As soon as they have to support a male spouse, they don't like it, but will vote for stupid leftistism and want equality.

    Women: We want to make more money than men!
    Society: Okay, we'll stack the deck against men hard enough to put you ahead.
    Women: We want to date men who make more money than us!
    Society: There aren't many of them left but here they are.
    Society: We'll tax them to bring them down to your level.
    Women: Where have all the good men gone?

  2. Agree, but who let them out of the kitchen???:) Seriously though, feminism is supported by the majority of Western women AND men. People like us are extreme outliers. Just read any "normie" discussion, and you'll see.

    1. Yes, the stupid normies of course. I have lived for years in a special kind of hell. Sure, I only miss a meal if I want to, but the societal stupidity in economics, political, and social is tiresome. I sometimes wish for some catastrophe just to off the stupid, but then I would have to suffer in ways I don't really want to think about.

    2. This pedestalisation of women probably started in Victorian times, I'm not really sure. Somebody should research it. Because back in history Western men were certainly not like that at all:) Then Boomers came and took it to another extreme, like many other things.

  3. I wonder why women have bought this nonsense? In my country, when I was young, my friends said that "Oh, no matter how rich my husband will be, I will NEVER live on someone else's expence, I want to make my own money". I have never seen the point on that sort of thinking. I think it is some sort of pride. Or fear, that he is not trustworthy, and if you let him provide, what happens if he decides he wants divorce?

    BTW in Netta Muskett's novel "Safari for seven" is one storyline about this same phenomenon. Meaning, if woman works her nail and teeth to support lazy and useless man, that man will remain so. But when that man finds a woman who simply expects him to provide and leaves the "how's" to him -he will find a way.

    Modern women are so stupid. I mean, if you just let men to be men, they will bend over backwards for you and love it. You do not even need to be that pretty or dress in lace and ruffels.

  4. Women are easier to indoctrinate because they are more compliant and want to fit in. It's just that nowadays they comply with what the msm says and not with what their husband wishes. Modern society appeals to the worst instincts of both men and women, but that's a whole different topic.

  5. The thought that had emerged in my mind as I reached the end of this post was, "A woman will experience the amount of masculinity in a man proportionate to the amount of femininity she exudes."

    It's tricky though, Sanne. Women crave safety and security. More money gives the illusion of it. I offer this as someone who, with great trepidation, stopped working and became a full time housewife 29 years ago, at the foolish and immature age of 22. I was, for nearly a decade, frequently plagued by thoughts of, "We could be getting ahead so much more if I had a job".

    Unlike many men, my husband's dominant personality and refusal to remain silent in the face of foolishness kept me from acting on those impulses. That, and I was raised by a very strong and masculine father.

    Imagine how hard it is for women (and men!) who have only known a world in which feminist thought is the only acceptable belief system and the only educational perspective.

    It's as you said, men will grow up and *get it*. But women aren't trained to be patient and supportive enough to wait for it.

  6. There are all sorts of theories about that. They basically state that if the woman fulfills her feminine duties well and doesn't try to compete with her husband, he'll start doing his duty as a provider better and it will attract wealth. Of course, every man is different. One has a potential to become a billionaire, while the other will stay a modest bookkeeper. I guess there are some whose only potential is to be a jobless alcoholic, but then, why did she marry him?

  7. 22 is only considered young nowadays. In the times of my parents many were already married with children at this age, especially girls. Nowadays they are 35 and still immature. I remember a friend kept telling me I was in danger of becoming an old maid because I was 20 and still single.

  8. Never- at least certainly not in the past 50 years!- has an American woman under the age of 21 ever been warned of being an old maid for still being single at 20, LOL.

  9. She was obsessed with marriage but in the end, we both married around 25-26:)