Sunday, October 22, 2023

S8x: Men Vs Women

 In one country, the government did a survey on how many adults were married. To their surprise, they found out that there were many more married women than men (the country didn't allow polygamy). So when they started investigating the issue, they found out that most women living together with men outside wedlock wrote themselves down as "married", while their partners all wrote down "single".

There is this thing they don't teach girls about nowadays, because it is "s8xist". Men are very good at compartmentalising their feelings. As my Grandpa used to say, there are women you marry and there are "all the others" if you get what I mean. Feminists did their best to obscure the difference, but it still exists, especially if you venture outside Western MSM. 

I'll give you one example from the Turkish historical  TV series The Magnificent Century (I wrote about it here). One of the characters, Bali Bey (one of the most handsome men in the show, btw), though an aristocrat, falls for a daughter of a commoner and in the end, marries her, but the girl dies from plague before they can even consummate. After the funeral, he spends a night alone at her grave, sees her shadow and swears an oath to never love or marry another woman again.

 Later he visits his home province and meets his childhood sweetheart, the daughter of another wealthy landowner who rejected all her other suitors because she was waiting for him. She tells him she loves him, and Bali Bey says that he can't answer her feelings and she should find someone else as he will never look at another woman again.

And after this...he returns back to the capital and starts visiting the same wh8re-house and patronising the same pr8stitute he did before his marriage. For him, there is no contradiction, and he keeps his oath to never remarry, refusing even a foreign princess, and later, the Sultan's own daughter. Because his relationship with Helene (the Greek wh8re) has absolutely nothing to do with the kind of love he felt for his wife or could feel for any "decent" woman. That's the way many men are. Women can argue that it's unfair till they are blue in the face, but it won't change the reality.

When you are young and attractive, men will run after you and shower you with attention. They will tell you all sorts of pretty lies, with one objective in their minds. Bali Bey in the beginning wasn't even contemplating marriage to the shopkeeper's daughter. He wanted an easy fling. It's only when she rejected his advances, that his attitude changed. If the man really loves you, he should marry you. And provide for you. If you agree to anything less than that, one day, you'll regret it.


  1. If only most Western women were worth marrying. Besides, I've been told all my life how much 'more mature' women are, but somehow there are still way too many single mothers.

  2. Yes, but why aren't they worth marrying? Because they have been giving it for free to every guy who came along since their 16th birthday? As for "more mature", have you heard about "the most responsible teenager in the house":) Men often aren't much better at maturity nowadays, unfortunately.

    1. True that. But modern women aren't taught these things any more. I remember how when I was young they started telling us that we should be free with our behaviour the way boys were, because we were "equal" and stuff. But at least, guys of my generation were still assertive and dominant, the way I can't imagine modern young men to be, with some exceptions.

    2. That's fair. But id like to raise 2 points. Just like women can't raise boy to be men, men can't raise girls to be women. The bible even tells us that the elder women are to raise girls to be worthwhile young women. At some point, I typically blame the 1960s as everything seems to have gone wrong then. Young women starting ignoring their mothers and grandmothers, and things started spiraling out of control. Please note I don't hold men blameless for how bad things are getting, but the teaching girls to be worthwhile women again is something that can only come from women themselves.

      The second point is the men of your gen and current gen. Lately as in the last few years we are starting to find out that the West has had a quite frankly absolutely astounding amount of estrogen and phyc drugs being pumped into everything. The plastic used for bottles and food has huge amounts of estrogen in it, when they get hot it leeks into the drinks and food. Water reclamation systems even if it scrubs the water 4 times doesn't remove drugs from the reclaimed water. Roughly 1 of every 4 people are on anti-depressants and probably 9 of every 10 women are on birth control. When someone on drugs pees said drugs are contained in it. Which is how drug testing in done. Water reclamation plants filter out stuff and then the water is reused. But the drugs are still in it, more of a cocktail now really. This isn't as big of a deal in rural areas, but big cities drink that stuff regularly. At this point there isn't much that can be done about men not being as assertive and dominant.

      - W

  3. Anonymous, if it's all because of the pill, how comes Turkish men around here are still quite dominant? The pill is obviously bad for women, it messes them up but I don't buy that stuff that it influences guys somehow. I blame their mothers (and fathers, because they allow it). My husband had to bicycle to secondary school every day since the age of 12, through wind and rain like 10 km. Now the guy of 18 calls his mommy from the train station to come pick him up by car because it's raining and he will get wet otherwise.

    Also, I read somewhere that outside circumstances influence your hormones. When a man handles weapons, his testosterone rises. When he handles babies, it plummets. That's exactly what they prefer to do nowadays, hang around playing baby momma while their wives all full of grrl power sit in the office. The worst thing is, they are often getting paid for it by the government.

    As for your 1st point, an average mother will sooner teach her daughter feminism than cooking. But. The average father supports it. Because it's his little princess. so both are to blame.