Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Is There A S8x Crisis In The West?

 Let's find out!

People online like talking about how everyone is suffering from shortage of s8x, especially in the Western world, so I got curious and did some research on the topic.

First, what is regular s8x? It's usually defined as at least, once a week (not 3 times a day as some guy put it, which is also pretty much impossible for any man older than 30 with kids and a regular job).

There exists a research on the percentage of people having s8x weekly in different countries, here is the link. 

According to it, Greeks are the most s8xually active, with 87% doing the deed weekly, while Americans are, indeed, at the bottom of the list with measly 53%, right there with Nigeria (but don't go to Japan as it's only 34%!)

Yet, strangely, the very 1st article I linked states that 

another study, printed in The University of Chicago Press about 10 years ago, stated that married couples are having sex about seven times a month, which is a little less than twice a week. 

So I wonder if the difference could be attributed to married couples vs singles in the USA? Which means that contrary to what some men say, married folks are still enjoying it quite regularly!

When we go back to our chart of s8x by country, we find India at 68% of population jumping in bed with each other weekly but according to an Indian newspaper, the situation is quite different:


They didn't even look per week, but per 4 weeks and India is below 50%, as you can see, with the good folks of Afghanistan being well, the most active in this area.

All the countries in this diagram are quite conservative, with little premarital s8x and what could be described as a traditional marriage yet they aren't exactly obsessed with it, as you can see. The report even says that Indians have s*x quite frequently which is a funny way to describe something which happens less than once a month for the majority of people.

Which begs the question, is there really any form of crisis in the West or is it another 1st world problem? After all, we don't hear Gambians complain...



  1. I think there is a sex crisis as evidenced by the TFR in western countries.

    I also believe (no matter what any red pill denizen says) that both single men AND single women are having significantly less sex than my generation GenX) did. By far.

    The other thing your stats seem to reveal is that married people are having decent sex lives overall. This is a good thing.

    Lastly, YES. This is largely first world stuff, the talking about and complaining about sex incessantly, It's a clear sign of decadence.

  2. I'm wondering about the Afghanistan stat. Does that include molesting goats and children?

    I'm not in a relationship but certainly happier when I'm getting some action on a regular basis with someone I like. I'm for bringing back red light districts or a chicken ranch in a discreet manner of course for the betterment of society. Those things were always around, and society did not collapse.

    Marriage in the West offers nothing to the man and most of us stuck in cities with obese demanding cows that want a guy that looks good and make good money and independent, but somehow they want to vote for lefty garbage. That's how delusional the women are with a small number of hard to find exceptions.

  3. Elspeth, should single people even have s8x in a Christian country? Of course, there are currently none so the question is mute, but I do agree with you. The idea that women can get laid easier is ridiculous.

    I mean may be if they just offer themselves at the street corner but most have at least, some standards. Men mostly can find willing partners, too, if they go low enough in their expectations.

    What red pill folks really mean, imo, is that they can't find a perfect 9 or at the very least, 7 whenever they choose to. Both men AND women often have quite unrealistic standards nowadays...

  4. P.S. college setting is prob different, but I'm talking about adults here.

  5. Texan, and their women then? There seemed to be some parity.

    We have red light districts, but many people still hook up somewhere in a pub/disco, (young people online nowadays) I think deep down men prefer that a woman likes them for what they are or at least, pretends to:) and not because they buy her for an hour. There is always some stigma attached, though for some men, like handicapped etc it may be necessary, I don't know.

    About obesity, men aren't always shining examples in this area, either:) But I do agree that many modern women are spoiled and have a very rebellious attitude and yours are known all over the world for this, though it may be a stereotype:) But there are many Western countries and not all of them have similar family law. For a Christian anyway, there is only one possibility to have legal s*x, inside the wedlock.

    1. When it comes to obesity, many men need to work on themselves. I do ride my bike and lift my free weights so I can stand straight and climb up a flight or two of stairs and shovel some dirt without getting winded. Not that I should walk around at the beach in speedos, but can work outside for most of a day if I have to once in a while.

      I'm fairly open, and don't mind a cute chubby that's a bit top heavy. Some of these heavy women do have long hair and nice skin, but I don't like pot roast bellies or one I can tip over and roll down the street. I'm not looking for a marathon runner, but do appreciate some effort in upkeep and like height/weight proportionate. I've never had a heavy woman or any other talk to me and say how much more handsome I would be if I had the body of the Family Guy dad (you may need to google search that one).

  6. Elspeth, should single people even have s8x in a Christian country? Of course, there are currently none...

    I agree. I had assumed the surveys linked were from a secular point.

  7. Yeah, I think so, too. Whenever a secular expert tells you there is a crisis of something, beware! they mostly use it to push more woke stuff...

    1. I don't really buy into this 'Christian society' stuff. Studies have been from centuries past, so a whole lot of illicit banging went on if historical church and marriage and birth records are to be believed.

      If that were not the case, there would have been no surplus human population from the Middle Ages and time forward.

  8. Well, your own country prohibited open cohabitation not so long ago:
    As for surplus population...We visited a historical castle back in November, one of its previous owners, a Marquis who lived in the 17th century, produced with his wife 24 children. Yes, 24, and all from one woman:)

  9. Though, in general, I was not even talking about law but how a Christian is supposed to live:
    "Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband."