Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Attention Men: Women Don't Like "Nice" Guys

 In fact, they find them cringey. It was already true 60+ years ago! Don't say I haven't warned you:)


  1. This makes many nice men mad at women. I know you meant it tongue in cheek, but it's actually true that women have never been particularly enamored with nice™ men. I use the "nice™" trademark to delineate the type of nice that feminists and moderns pay lip service to but don't respect one whit.

  2. I think some of these men must be mildly autistic or something. Cause they are supposed to figure it out for themselves when they are out of their teens by just well, you know, observing how women behave in real life. Yet you have these 30+ (and older) "red pill guys" still 8itching about how nobody ever warned them about the true nature of women. So now I did:)

  3. So, the woman in the song breaks up with her guy "just to see what he will do" and when he doesn't get angry and come back to her she's upset?

    No man is today is going to get angry and tell her this, because in today's world he will get arrested. And he's not going to want to get back together after that either. I know the point that you were trying to make by posting this, but it missed the mark.

    And you just proved what the Red Pill guys say: never take a woman's advice about what women want.

    1. RJ, you do realize that your "getting arrested" -sentece just highlights how pathetic little loosers modern men are? Real Men would have never, ever allowed things to reach this sad state they are in western world.

      If men would have stayed men, feminism would have been impossible -and not needed. Women do not need to be strong roaring womyn, if they have decent father and a husband they can lean on. Only weakness of men forces women to pretend strong.

      WWII is, of course, one reason behind this. Too many men died, too many women just had to survive on their own, because they were widowed young, had to stay spinster or got back mentally and physically crippled husband.

    2. They also changed the laws guarding morality starting somewhere 1960, which is something libertarians don't get, I guess. Because the law most certainly influences public morals as proven by anti-abortion legislation:

      I should write more on this but between Christmas and New Year I just don't feel like bothering to write on serious topics. This was meant to be a light-hearted post:)

  4. Well, may be in America...because here he is most certainly not going to get arrested, lol! And I doubt it'll happen in the USA, either.

    As for the song, you just proved my point: taking things very literally is a sign of autism:)

    I'm not trying to make fun of people with this condition, btw. But the problems these men experience are by no means common for an average person out there.

  5. I saw a meme posted at Gab recently along the lines of 'All women want a real man until they realize a real man won't put with their crap.'

    Anyway, what is being said here is that most women really are not that mature. And how many times has a man heard the dumbest comment ever that 'women are more mature.' I can count that on one hand and I've been around over half a century.

  6. Ever heard of "the most responsible teenager in the house":)
    Well, some women do mature as they get older. Those were usually known in the past as "wise women". A lot, on the other hand, carry the high school mentality into their 50s and older as evidenced by social media. Unfortunately, men get less mature, too. It's the times we live in, I guess... Happy New Year!