Thursday, December 1, 2022

Are Western Elites Really Virtuous?

 UMC and higher folks love to engage in what became known as virtue-signalling. In my language, they are simply called "virtue people" and they look down at those unenlightened peasants who dare disagree with the current year narrative whatever it may be. But are they really that virtuous?

Here is one example:

 Now I don't know who was whose son in reality but do these people strike you as having any kind of morality?  Pierre Trudeau was The Canadian Prime Minister, btw...

It's just one example. I remember watching a British TV program featuring some of these wonderful British aristocrats. The castle owner himself Marquis this and that who was in his 70s lived together with his mistress who was in her early 40s while his lawful wife resided abroad. After she produced a couple of boys they separated and since that time he lived with his "wifelets" as he called them, which were very numerous when he was younger but being an older man he finally settled with one of them.

His heir married an African heiress for her money. Her mom was a British gal who travelled to an African country and jumped in bed with a wealthy married Black guy who had children from his legal wife but had the decency to acknowledge his illegitimate daughter and provide her with an ample dowry. 

The Lord this and that his first child was a daughter and then suddenly his wife couldn't have children any more so they turned to a surrogate and got a fully white boy who became the heir of the title and estate. Modern IVF industry can really perform miracles such as turning black into white, I guess:)

These people have the nerve to talk about virtue...


  1. Those are some funny stories in a way. Look at the British Royalty. I could see them saying this in their British aristocrat accent about how they are above those peasants with their bastard kids and constant fornication. What a laugh!

  2. And their sham marriages...In fact, I sometimes think elite women support feminism because they think all men are just as bad as their husbands:)