Friday, September 23, 2022

Should We Hate Boomers?

Boomers may often be clueless, and they are the first generation who normalised abortion, no-fault divorce and working mothers. They often support white knighting, third world immigration (as long as it is legal!) and like talking about boot straps. Younger generations may find them egoistic and irritating. I get all this. 

But as Christians, we are supposed to treat older people with respect, as our own parents, and have compassion for their weaknesses. We aren't supposed to hate on them and make jokes about killing them  (the day of the pillow or whatever the heck they call it). In my opinion, such jokes are in very poor taste and I'd like to remind the fellow GenX-ers (and it's mostly them, with a couple of Millennials) that we are also getting older by the day and it soon will be our turn.

There is nothing "traditionally Christian" about it at all. The reason I'm writing about it is because I often see this type of discussions on Gab where Boomer hate minute is held practically every day. 

Also, it's not your (Boomer) parents' duty to babysit your children, especially if they took the trouble to raise you normally, with mother staying home and all that. You owe them a duty as a child to take care of them in their old age, not vice versa. Too many young people seem to forget it...


  1. The hate is generally directed against the more clueless ones who really think that hard work for an employer matters. It doesn't anymore and has not for a long time. I'm a GenX with my mom a Boomer and my dad of the Silent Generation. I've had some employment issues over the last few years thanks to Obama and the woke BS against White males in my opinion. I'm fortunate because I show my Mom things about the work world and such along with my sister's work issues (she recently switched jobs) and she understands.

    However, many clueless one out there on the workplace, jobs, and racial issues. I will say though it is mostly MBA boomers who sold their work class down river for profit. Nothing inherently wrong with the idea of profit and benefits and time off have to be paid for somehow, but they take it to what I like to call 'ghetto capitalism.'

  2. I have Boomer parents:) I get many of the complaints, I just disagree with the idea that everything bad in the society is their (Boomers') fault. They should stop trusting the MSM so much though...