Tuesday, September 27, 2022

My Thoughts About The Italian Election

 "The best way to control opposition is to lead it." 

I may be mistaken, of course, we'll see.

All these so-called "conservatives" salivating in comments on Gab and Twitter about the "first woman ever to lead in Italy (and she is much hotter than Hilary and totally "right wing") are seriously pathetic, though. Guys, why are you such simps? Is it an American thing or something?  

There is nothing traditional about any of this.


  1. I really like what this lady has to say, even though I generally frown on women in leadership.

    The problem is of course, like Israelites during the time of the judges and Deborah, you have to take what you can get during desperate times.

  2. You see, genuine populist parties in Europe like that of M-me Le Pen, are right wing on immigration and left wing on economy while her party is more like the American conservatives, which is not at all a popular position over here, but people are getting so desperate that they are ready to vote for anyone who promises to stop immigration. I heard that "Brothers of Italy" (ironically led by a woman) were polling like 4% until some American personality whom I won't name offered them money and help.

    People change, of course, and her coalition may still rule well. Time will tell. But there is nothing to celebrate about a woman in the position of power, imo.

  3. But there is nothing to celebrate about a woman in the position of power, imo.

    I agree with this 100%. It is a very bad indication of the state of things when a woman is running a government, church, or family. You'll get no argument from me. I also agree with you about the salivating "conservative" men cheering it on.

    My only point was that desperate times sometimes cause people to resort to desperate measures. Like voting in a woman if that's the only voice that resonates with their concerns.

  4. Well, the new leader of Italy does 'stand with Israel,' so nothing like being Jew approved I guess.

  5. You see, that's the whole point. In France, there is little real opposition except Marine Le Pen, while in Italy there are other male politicians who are anti-immigration and socially conservative. It's not like she was the only choice. It makes one wonder how did this lady even get such a leadership position in the 1st place, and if the gossips about her being supported by a conservative think tank in the USA are true, then it all makes sense as another example of the identity politics. Hence all the cheering on the "fist woman ever" plus she looks very well for her age.

  6. BTW, I'm not against her as I hardly know anything about Ms Meloni besides what I've read recently. Italian elections are hardly relevant for us. I just don't get this cheering, I guess. Another strange thing is that apparently she supported vaccine mandates, while Le Pen's party opposed them. The 1st thing they did when her party won in the parliamentary election in France, was to to abolish the vaxx pass. This is a genuine populist position.

    But as I say, we'll see what comes out of it. In Europe it's mostly rule by coalitions so it's not like 1 person decides anyway.

  7. Texan, I guess this is what bothers me. That it is some kind of psy-op. I know Italy has some legit hardcore nationalist parties, which could have a chance in a current situation, but were thwarted by this "family values" lady politician a la Sarah Palin.

    Let's first find out where she stands on foreign policy and legal immigration...

  8. Been thinking a little about your suggestion that this may be a psy-op. I surely hope that isn't true, but the reality is that at this point, just about anything is possible. I wouldn't rule it out. My tin foil hat is fastened securely in place.

    However, my gut tells me that what is really happening here is that "traditionalists" are so few in number as to be statistically insignificant. Also, my original theory holds. Here in the US, there is a woman running for the governor of Arizona. Her name is Keri Lake. She sounds very much like a legitimate conservative. We don't live in AZ, we live in FL (say a prayer for us as the hurricane bears down!). I can't vote in that election, and I generally hate the idea of a woman in power.

    But I gotta tell you Sanne, if I lived in AZ, given the option between the radical leftist candidate and Mrs. Lake, I'd hold my nose and vote for her. I recognize the cognitive dissonance at play with that, and all the ickiness of it, but I would do it.

    I suspect this is what is happening in Italy, and I just hope this woman is not an EU globalist shill in reactionary clothing,

  9. Elspeth, so sorry about the hurricane, stay safe!
    Considering psy-ops and such, of course, we can only speculate.

    I see your point about the lady governor, however, one should keep in mind that the political system in many Euro countries is very different from the one in the US. France is more similar to America because they choose the president. There are only 2 candidates in the last round so the choice this year was between Macron and Marine Le Pen. In that situation, I'd vote for Le Pen, too, despite the fact that she is a woman.

    Italy is a parliamentarian democracy just like the Netherlands. It's not either or, there are many parties competing and they can be represented in the parliament as long as they are above a certain threshold. For instance, we have a party with 1 member in the 2nd Chamber currently. There are often many small parties competing, which makes a psyop very easy.

    It's very easy to marginalise a legit party by investing in another party with a similar platform but more to your taste. Even if it doesn't win, it will steal votes so that less goes to the party you want to destroy. It's difficult to prove though and I will admit that I haven't really followed Italian politics for quite some time.

  10. I must confess I get pretty excited when someone speaks against the current situation on the political arena. I didn't count how many hours it took (12? 18?) when she left the closet by giving total support to President Zelensky. So, there she goes! Smells like an American puppet to me (just like our president, PM, and the government minus one representative)

  11. Post Alley CrackpotOctober 2, 2022 at 5:12 PM

    Right wing simps have a Joan of Arc complex.

    You know it's true. :-)

  12. Never thought about it this way but there is something to it:) I've always attributed it to strange pseudo Victorian chivalry.