Thursday, September 1, 2022

Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Woke Review

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power (Amazon Prime) is so staggeringly bad, it's hilarious. Everything about it is ill-judged to a spectacular extreme.

The cliche-laden script, the dire acting, the leaden pace, the sheer inconsistency and confusion as it lurches between styles – where do we start?

He forgot to mention "diversity and girl power" out of political correctness, so I'm doing it for you:)

Read the whole review over here. Personally I think this commenter expressed it best:

Fans are exactly the people who won't watch it. How arrogant are you to think that tens of millions of people who devoured the books and love the Peter Jackson films (well, maybe not the Hobbit) would want to watch Tolkien be destroyed by a pair of woke 25 year old muppets, a cast of self centred communists and a studio who spent 250m on an appendix and made it into a reflection of 2022 United States dystopia. You are deluded


  1. "Fans are exactly the people who won't watch it." Although it's not my genre, I can agree with this commenter about many other films. I have a "Do Not Watch" list, I won't give some of these films the time of day. That includes the new feminist "Persuasion." Wish I could have the money they wasted and make my own movies!

  2. It just keeps getting worse, isn't it?