Monday, September 5, 2022

Should Christians Support Disney?

  That is the question:

Last week, Disney continued down its path to destruction, releasing a new cartoon entitled Little Demon, and it is just as bad as it sounds...

 The cartoon takes place 13 years after an unmarried pagan woman is impregnated by Satan (voice played by Danny Devito) and follows her and her daughter (literally the spawn of Satan and referred to as the Antichrist) through everyday life.

The series features demonic witchcraft, pagan rituals, gratuitous blood, gore, and nudity, and judging by the trailer (included here, but not recommended) can easily be considered pornographic by definition

Antichrist is now female, too! In my times, it was male (does anyone still remember the Omen movies:)

Notice that the series features witchcraft and pagan rituals, tied to satanism. Still think Harry Potter were innocent children's books?


  1. I do not support Disney. I had their channel but quit it. I am done with it! I don't allow the kiddos to watch a lot of stuff anyway and especially Harry Potter! I hadn't heard of this but it does not surprise me at all! No, Christians should not support Disney.