Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Viking Festival

 So here are finally some of the vacation pictures with a story. Thursday we visited a Viking festival and it was INCREDIBLY busy. Like really. We had to stand 30 minutes in the line to buy some tea and coffee, and it was later in the day when many were leaving already. Corona was totally forgotten, there were huge crowds everywhere, nobody was keeping any distance. Just like the good old days.

You don't see them in the photos though, they were all close to the food tents or around the places where the activities took place, such as bow shooting or combat imitation. To be continued...


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  2. That's nice that there are people who do the historical recreations of how it was done. I've enjoyed the ranch and cowboy festivals with the cast iron cookware and mesquite and oak fires going.

  3. Sounds like fun! Yes, it's very popular over here, we have Romans, Vikings, Knights, Celts you name it:)