Friday, June 17, 2022

Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

 I'm really tired of those on the Right who keep pushing conspiracy theories. It doesn't help to improve society, it doesn't "own the libs" and it just makes our side look stupid. Yes, the MSM often lie and use propaganda and the powers that be do the same, but they are hardly omnipotent like some folks seem to believe. In, fact, they are getting increasingly incompetent due to the positive discrimination. 

Whenever something bad happens, a big segment of the Right will tell you that it's just "fake news" or "crisis actors" or a psy-op of some sort. It became especially bad with the coronavirus epidemic. Did the governments make mistakes and use it for their own nefarious ends, like limiting rights and freedoms? They sure did. But the disease itself exists. 

We all had it in March and no, it's not the same as flu or common cold, though similar in many ways. I've known people, my personal friends who wouldn't lie to me, getting pretty sick with it. I've also heard about some death cases. Granted, those were mostly elderly people with comorbidities, but it wasn't fake, neither do I believe that it was "planned".

Also, many who call themselves conservatives are obsessing about small details while missing the bigger picture. Take Covid, again. While I disliked masks just as much as anyone, there were a minor inconvenience compared to the threat of losing your job for not being vaxxed, and yet there were many more complaints about the former than about the latter.

Now we have monkeypox. According to some not-very-bright individuals, it's again a conspiracy by Western governments, presumably to make g**s look bad? Does it even make sense to you? Instead of using the situation to discourage certain lifestyles, conservatives once again choose to go deep down the rabbit hole of denying the obvious reality and promoting paranoia instead.

Infectious diseases totally don't exist any more, all these historical accounts of people dying are obviously fake, history is fake, too, etc etc.

Last year we had floods in Europe. I was close to one of the flooded towns and went there and took pictures and yet, some expressed unbelief about it. Just because the MSM used it to promote global climate change narrative in some places, doesn't mean it didn't happen! This year we visited another village that had been flooded, in Germany, guess what, its centre is still totally destroyed. But, it was absolutely a psy-op...Well, I guess it's easy to fall for these stories when you live in the middle of nowhere.

Several years ago there were several terror attacks in France and Belgium, and again, we were told that it was all "crisis actors", "hired by the gov-t", the very same government which promotes multiculturalism. Well, someone I know had family living in one of the affected areas, who witnessed the shootout between the police and the terrorists. They got bullet holes in one of their walls. Folks just don't realise how interconnected and close by everything is here in the Old World.

In my opinion, it's just the cope mechanism for those who can't accept the reality that the society is changing, and not in a good way. Just pretend that bad things aren't really happening.

That's why the Right keeps losing, they are always reactive, not pro-active and then reactive in the worst possible ways. Cows died somewhere in the desert. The MSM say it's due to climate change, so we'll react and deny they died from heat, they must have been poisoned by the special agents, or killed by 5G or whatever, or may be, didn't even die at all, the evidence was photo-shopped. Because natural disasters and (probably) neglect never ever happen, either.

Well, whatever keeps one happy, I guess, but personally I think that denying the reality is hardly helpful.


  1. Agreed. I would like to ignore most of the news, real or not. If I work myself up about it, whole days can go by where all I do is worry. My wasted time won't save the dying cows. What IS worth getting hyped up about is the junk being taught to our kids in schools, the mismanagement of our economy and resources, and slaughter of our unborn. That's all the stuff folks don't see going on while they are gorging on news about monkeypox. Even conspiracy theories are a waste of time (how much time does it take to look it all up?). Besides it is all talk and no action. What I have seen in my area is the most effective changes are coming from local people raising awareness about local and state corruptions. People are coming up with helpful ideas or making changes as they need to solve problems such as our local drought. And, we have our own families to raise and often don't even know what is going on in our kid's minds. While thinking globally, we are missing the little stuff at home that is quite important.
    (Having said all that wise stuff, I always have my own conspiracy theories that make more sense. Only my family gets to hear them though:-D! )

  2. I'm noticing a lot of it since I joined Gab, this place is like a cesspool of all conspiracy theories! Right now they are discussing how the secret ingredients in food like corn syrup make you fat. Guess what, I eat jam sweetened with it every day and still not fat, probably because I eat 1 tsp a day instead of 1 jar:)

  3. I'm about 3 or so hours away from Uvalde, TX. I'm not sure why law enforcement was so incompetent, but the latest news is that the local police won't turn over any records to the Texas state attorney general. Personally, I would like to see verifiable birth and death certificate for each of those children allegedly killed. I would like to know how the shooter got his weapons and whether he was groomed like the kid in New York a couple weeks before.

    As for the dead cows in Kansas, you say so what, but this part of the larger issue of how many food distribution and food production facilities have been damaged or destroyed over the last few weeks. It seems statistically impossible. I'm no expert on cows, but have lived in the heat of South Texas (basically south of San Antonio) most of my life, and I've never heard of such a thing happening to cows because of 'heat.' There used to be a number of dairy farms in the area decades ago when food production was more local, but all these cows died of heat?

    High fructose corn syrup and seed oils are bad for you, but yes, one should probably not be drinking a quart of Coca Cola on a daily basis.

  4. I agree there should be full transparency about what happened there!

    As for cows, people were talking about neglect i.e. that they didn't have access to water or something. It could have been some vegan militants poisoning the well, for all I know; what I don't believe is a conspiracy that the USgov poisoned them on purpose, right after destroying all the other food facilities.

    I see you point about statistical impossibility but honestly, it could just be all these years of positive discrimination finally catching up with you. When you look at the third world countries, they are often hit by these types of accidents, like gas stations exploding or something. Just look at the amount of mentally disturbed individuals and addicts walking around...

    Corn syrup is sugar and everybody agrees sugar in high amounts is bad for you. As for seed oils, I don't know. Canola oil, for instance, is used in bread I buy and we don't seem to suffer any side effects. Again, we don't eat tons of it. I try to avoid soy oil and mostly use olive oil at home, but too much fat of any kind isn't particularly beneficial, except for this Omega 3 stuff, or so they say:)